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OpenNMS Update v2.4

Jan 24, 2001, 20:39 (0 Talkback[s])
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Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 10:24:01 -0600 (CST)
From: announce-admin@opennms.org
To: announce@www.opennms.org
Subject: [opennms-announce] OpenNMS Update v2.4

OpenNMS Update
Vol 2. Issue 4
Jan. 23, 2001

In this week's installment...

     * Project Status
          + Partnerships and Integrations
          + The Lightweight Interface
          + Coding Projects Underway
     * Upcoming Road Shows
     * Ironic? I vote "Yes"
     * The Wish List

Project Status

Partnerships and Integrations:

First off, thanks to everyone for the input/comments/reactions to last week's announcement of the short-term/long-term plans. Overall, the feedback was favorable, so now we're trying to figure out how we can get the most basic functionality into the product as quickly as possible without impacting any of the longer-term development timelines. Surprisingly, we've stumbled on something that just might work.

While we try to avoid the sticky wicket of formalized partnerships (due to the legal mumbo-jumbo), we've "aligned" ourselves with a couple other open source efforts that we think are a pretty good match for us. Here's what they are, who they are, and how we see things integrating:

* RRDTool - Consider it the guts of the next generation of MRTG. An efficient means of storing performance data and making it readily available for building graphs from the data collected. Written by Tobi Oetiker (all hail Tobi, Father of MRTG), RRDTool rocks!

Our Twist: We're building some Java interfaces for RRDTool and will be documenting our "create" format, so you can use your choice of RRDTool front-end to represent the data.

Check it out: http://www.rrdtool.org/ (It will redirect you.)

* ntop - A real-time statistical analyzer of network traffic. Think RMON, without the vendor-specific crap and exorbitant price tags. Written by Luca Deri

Our Twist: We're working with Luca to instrument some remote accessibility of key information. This "partnership" is a win-win for everybody--ntop gets an RMON-like "manager-probe" model, OpenNMS gets traffic analysis data.

Check it out:

* Snort - A lightweight network intrusion detection system (IDS). Traffic analyzer that looks for patterns that match known hack attempts. It's rule-based, and new rules are being added all the time.

Our Twist: We'll be adding an extension to create OpenNMS native events directly from the Snort platform. This gives us a distributed mechanism to get into the IDS space. Pretty nifty.

Check it out:

The Lightweight Interface:

Larry says: "Give me a week, and I'll take off the weight!"

While he's only been here about that long, we've already progressed a long way towards getting our lightweight interface prototyped.

What is it? Effectively, a way to get a "network at a glance" view of what's up, what's down, and a way to get the details you might need to fix a problem. All via a browser.

Right now, we're looking at supporting some of the key pieces of data you might want: Nodes/services down; Links to performance reports; Last X events for a given node; etc.

My point (and I do have one): This is progressing nicely, but we're rapidly progressing past the point where we need to know what information you need/want to be included. Obviously, there is a limitation as to how much information you can put in a single browser window, so we need to make sure the critical stuff is there and damn-near critical stuff is only a click away.

Vote early, vote often, and vote for the data you'd like to see included on the [discuss] list.

Coding Projects Underway:

* Solaris Port Postgres Procedures -- Underway. No status since last week.

* SNMP Poller/Data Collection -- We're collecting data and sticking into an RRDTool database. Now we're trying to come up with appropriate intervals for reporting, etc. Opinions on what should be collected? Check out http://www.opennms.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi and click through Data -> Common -> Conf -> DataCollection.xml and think about it.

* Event DTD -- Sowmya's out sick. Look for an update next week.

* Tuning -- Weave's still working on it. No quantifiable status this week.

* User Interfaces -- Larry is proto-typing, and Jacinta is actually writing code (there's a big difference!) Jacinta is building the servlets that will support the components that Larry puts in the interface. Tag-team development at its finest.

* SCM -- Continuing to test for reliability, run time, and working through some JSDT issues.

* SCM UI -- Still having some of the known issues with JSDT. We should be able to address those in the early February timeframe.

* TCP Poller -- Still waiting for some of the creative configurations that I know you all are capable of...

* Maji Prelim Work -- Rick is active on the "events" mailing list.

* New Rule Builder -- In testing.

* Notification Configuration -- Jason's is hurriedly extending the existing user configuration panel to add fields for notification information. More details on this when notification integration rolls in.

Upcoming Road Shows

Had a last minute addition to the calendar, which had us presenting for the North Carolina Association of Network Professionals. Good group, good grub, who could ask for anything more?

Need a speaker? Contact Luke at luke@opennms.org.

Next up on our tour spree...

* January 30th - University City JUG, Philadelphia, PA

* January 30-February 2 - Wandering the halls at LinuxWorldExpo-New York. Want to hook up? We're open most of the time this week, especially if you're in the Tri-State area.

* February 15th - Utah JUG, Salt Lake City, UT

For additional details on these appearances and others, check out the web site at http://www.opennms.org/sections/opennms/events (NOTE: New URL)

Ironic? I vote "Yes"

Dedicate your career and professional existence to building an open source network management alternative, and what's the hot topic on the [discuss] mailing list?

Dry contact monitors.

The Wish List

First, a big thanks to everyone that's actively working with and trying out the product. There are a lot of cool innovations committed recently that you'll want to take a look at as well. Again, our thanks to the testers!

Now, on with the list...

* Our SNMP Data Collector will rely on a configuration file, DataCollection.xml (or something like that). This file will map what SNMP OIDs we should pull from a device with a given SysOID. Now the question is, "What should we pull?" Recommendations? Tips? I figure we'll pre-populate some canned collections for Cisco routers, Bay routers, and whatever else can be contributed. All ideas are appreciated, and especially ideas that come back in the format of the DataCollection.xml file (available at: http://www.opennms.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/data/common/conf/DataCol lection.xml )

* Now that we have a "generic" TCP Poller, we could use some help in building some configurations to test services that you may be concerned with. For example, is LDAP do-able? How about applications like Peoplesoft, SAP, Baan? Remember, you can deploy multiple of these pollers against multiple ports.

* Testing on new, exciting platforms is always appreciated. Somebody want to mess with the Cygwin port of Postgres to NT and see where we stand over there?

* Any additional help we can get proving our documentation either right or wrong is appreciated. Thanks.

* Got any creative applications for OpenNMS that we haven't considered? Let us know!

* Anybody up for a security analysis of OpenNMS? We know we've got a lot of holes, but we'd rather have most of them identified before we start trying to plug them. Any security folks that are playing along, feel free to chime in here. Anytime, now. Go on. Anytime...


And again, the Update comes out late. At least I'm consistent.

Any feedback on the install.pl script?

Local to the Raleigh, NC area and want some free help with installation and configuration? Drop Luke a line at luke@opennms.org and ask him about the "Early Adopters" program.

Still waiting to hear from all of you that have done network management and SNMP data collection for your entire professional lives. We need your input on what should get collected from various different platforms and on what intervals.

Got your own applications/services you'd like monitored? Set up the TCP poller and send us a config! Need help with that? Post your questions to the [discuss] list.

Well, that's the news and I am outta here.


Shane O.
Shane O'Donnell