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Microsoft: Linux Destined to Fall by the Wayside

Jan 29, 2001, 13:40 (96 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to David F. Skoll for this link. ]

From an interview with Joachim Kempin, senior vice president in charge of Microsoft's operating system OEM strategy at the Microsoft US headquarters:

"Linux is too expensive. This is because each company has to invest an unreasonable amount of time and money in Linux verification. As a result, the TCO (the total cost of system installation and operation) is too high, effectively making Linux a very expensive operating system. Vendors who are building up their Linux business are making a serious mistake and need to wake up to that fact quickly...."

"Linux is simply a fad that has been generated by the media and is destined to fall by the wayside in time. Windows 2000 will gradually overtake the Linux share in the server market. In fact, the advent of Linux has spurred Microsoft's developers to move up a gear. The arrival of new competitors in applications or operating systems development provides us at Microsoft with the driving force to create even better software products...."

"In the NAS field, in which Linux already has a head start, ensuring that Windows 2000 becomes widely used is a key strategic issue. We have already announced link-ups overseas with IBM and Dell Computers of the US, and we will be working with leading companies such as NEC to establish a presence in the Japanese market."

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