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BusyBox 0.49 Released

Jan 30, 2001, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Erik Andersen)

[ Thanks to Erik Andersen for this link. ]


* Matt Kraai -- new sort.c
* Matt Kraai -- new tail.c
* Glenn McGrath -- new 'dpkg-deb' applet
* Glenn McGrath -- new ar code
* spoon -- new watchdog applet
* Vladimir N. Oleynik  -- fixed cmdedit.c so now 
scrolling and tab completion in lash work properly.  Also several
byte saving optimizations.
* Erik Andersen -- disabled many less commonly used applets by default
* Mark Whitley -- more thrashing about to get clean perror_msg usage
* Matt Kraai -- new command line munging
* Larry Doolittle -- keep some locales from messing up busybox.sh
* Matt Kraai -- cleaned up dd and tail with new parse_number routine
* Mark Whitley -- remove debugging messages from deallocvt
* Matt Kraai and Mark Whitley -- new document "How to Add a New Applet 
to BusyBox"
* David Douthitt -- fixed "grep -qv" bug
* Larry Doolittle -- fixed insmod bug with old kernels
* Matt Kraai -- logger remixed to use getopt, selection of stdin made 
util-linux compatible
* Erik Andersen -- many more internal symbols classified static to 
avoid namespace pollution
* Matt Kraai -- nc listening support
* Erik Andersen -- made sed understand arbitrary regexp delimiters
* Matt Kraai et al. -- more tar improvements and bug fixes, now 
handles regexp file exclusion
* Larry Doolittle -- new script (multibuild.pl) to automate build rule
* Matt Kraai -- update/cleanup of the docs on how to use init
* Erik Andersen -- renamed all sh.c symbols per the style guide, 
better if-then-else-fi handling
* Erik Andersen -- cleaner division of labor between cmdedit.c and sh.c
* Larry Doolittle -- shell data structure cleanup, fixed buglets
in read, exec, and piped builtins
* Erik Andersen -- md5sum was broken in 0.48.  Now fixed (and doesn't 
use getline, shrinking static compiles (since nothing else used it).
* ?? -- squashed memory leak in shell prompt handling
* Mark Whitley -- Updates to style guide
* Mark Whitley -- Big cleanup in utility.c: style guide compliance,
de-macro-ifying some variables and functions
* Erik Andersen -- ls now honors BB_FEATURE_AUTOWIDTH so it can find
the width and height of the console.
* Erik Andersen -- insmod now ignores -L and accepts the -o option.
* Erik Andersen -- updates so you can now select from the Makefile
whether or not to use the system's passwd and group functions.
Since most systems use GNU libc, this can save you from having to
install the /etc/nsswitch.conf configuration file and the required
libnss_* libraries.  Adds 1.5k.  You can now, also, disable this, 
causing busybox to use the system's pwd.h and grp.h functions.

-Erik Andersen, 27 January 2001

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