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OpenNMS Update v2.5

Feb 01, 2001, 00:23 (0 Talkback[s])
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Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 17:53:22 -0600 (CST)
From: announce-admin@opennms.org
To: announce@www.opennms.org
Subject: [opennms-announce] OpenNMS Update v2.5

OpenNMS Update

Vol 2  Issue 5

Jan. 30, 2001

   In this week's installment...

     * Project Status
          + Development Continues
          + 0.6 Targeted
          + Coding Projects Underway
     * Upcoming Road Shows
     * The Presentation That Wasn't
     * The Wish List

Project Status

Development Continues:

Hopefully, we're nearing the end of this bug sweeping through the luxurious OpenNMS office suites...

Sowmya was out for a while, Mike was out for a while--and this doesn't include the "outages" looking back 3-4 weeks. All in all, we haven't been the healthiest bunch. Then again, a strict diet of coffee, Mountain Dew, and Crunchy Snickers Bars might be contributing factor. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the SweetTarts and Red Licorice, but they're just there for their dietary value.

But despite the absences, we trudge forward. Many of the new features, tweaks, and fixes are close to prime-time, and most are at least partially available in CVS. Details on those features are discussed below.

0.6 Targeted:

We are nearing the point where we can put a timeline on the 0.6 release. This is good news.

Anticipating a Valentine's Day Release (as opposed to massacre), we are planning a release that addresses bugs and adds several new features:

* Fix for the ugly right-click bug in Linux.

* Addition of a notification facility that adheres to user schedules. Supports multiple tools under the covers and is configurable to allow you to swap in the tool of your choice. Also includes a graphical configuration interface (extension on the U/G/V Config interface).

* Re-working of event format to support all fields in a Trap PDU (how did we miss this? No idea.) as well as some additional parms for correlation. Expansion of tokens will be included in this release as well.

* SCM is being converted from JSDT (proving inconsistent) to an RPC-based mechanism in Java. This will also allow the integration of C processes as well...

* Performance polling via SNMP.

* The lightweight interface will make its auspicious debut.

Is there more? Sure there is. But you'll have to wait for all the juicy details... Aren't I such the tease?

Coding Projects Underway:

* Solaris Port Postgres Procedures -- Underway. Hearing good reports on initial testing. Apparently discovery is working.

* Postgres for NT -- The port is looking good (if building from CVS), but we need help with the port of the stored procedures (eventtime and iplike). They aren't compiling well under Cygwin, and there are likely those of you that are more familiar with this us. Also note that these Updates would go much faster if Ben would stop reading them (and critiquing them) over my shoulder.

* SNMP Poller/Data Collection -- We're collecting data and sticking into an RRDTool database. Now we're trying to come up with appropriate intervals for reporting, etc. Opinions on what should be collected? Check out http://www.opennms.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi and click through Data -> Common -> Conf -> DataCollection.xml and think about it.

* Event DTD -- Just about finalized...

* Tuning -- Things are looking up. Weave has the core processes down to 5 JVMs, starting up much faster, and taking up far fewer resources. More details as we get this to benchmarking.

* User Interfaces -- The lightweight interfaces rock! I saw early code today and it is phenomenal. God bless Tomcat and servlets!

* SCM -- Gutting and replacing JSDT with an RPC mechanism. ACPL Tea, for those of you keeping score at home.

* SCM UI -- Will have to be re-tooled for the SCM change, but many of the problems will be avoided, if not eliminated.

* TCP Poller -- Still waiting for some of the creative configurations that I know you all are capable of...

* Maji Prelim Work -- Rick is building Perl code that is successfully parsing MIB files. Check him out, in all his glory, on the "events" list.

* New Rule Builder -- In testing. So far, so good.

* Notification Configuration -- Panels are built and the users.xml is being modified. Now we need the scripts to convert the users.xml to a config file for the underlying paging systems (and a few more hours in Ben's day...)

Upcoming Road Shows

LinuxWorldExpo never happened. My wife says that this is a good thing. Additional presentation comments included at the end...

* February 15th - Utah JUG, Salt Lake City, UT
* May 5th - Twin Cities LUG, Minneapolis, MN

For additional details on these appearances and others, check out the web site at http://www.opennms.org/sections/opennms/events

The Presentation That Wasn't

In case you were in the Raleigh airport yesterday around 2:30pm and saw someone with a laptop running all willy-nilly to their gate (and yes, I do run "willy-nilly"), that was me.

In case you were in the Philadelphia airport yesterday around 5:15pm and saw someone with a laptop running, again willy-nilly, to the taxi stand, that too was me.

In case you were in Philadelphia on Market Street and saw someone on a cell phone bouncing building to building looking for a JUG meeting, that too was me.

In case you were at Shulas 2 in the Sheraton around 7:15pm yesterday and saw someone with a table full of comfort foods and empty pint glasses, guess who.

And in the off chance that you were in a room somewhere in Philadelphia waiting for the speaker for your JUG meeting, I wasn't there.


Two Morals to this story: If you move a meeting and expect me to find it, leave bread crumbs or something. And if you're ever stuck in Philadelphia and can't find a JUG meeting, the Shulas 2 in the Sheraton serves Guinness on tap.

The Wish List

First, a big thanks to everyone that's actively working with and trying out the product. There are a lot of cool innovations committed recently that you'll want to take a look at as well. Again, our thanks to the testers!

Now, on with the list...

* The install.pl script has been updated. Per Ben: "I was parsing things all wrong. When I fixed that, everything seemed to clear right up."

* Our SNMP Data Collector will rely on a configuration file, DataCollection.xml (or something like that). This file will map what SNMP OIDs we should pull from a device with a given SysOID. Now the question is, "What should we pull?" Recommendations? Tips? I figure we'll pre-populate some canned collections for Cisco routers, Bay routers, and whatever else can be contributed. All ideas are appreciated, and especially ideas that come back in the format of the DataCollection.xml file (available at: http://www.opennms.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/data/common/conf/DataCollection.xml)

* Now that we have a "generic" TCP Poller, we could use some help in building some configurations to test services that you may be concerned with. For example, is LDAP do-able? How about applications like Peoplesoft, SAP, Baan? Remember, you can deploy multiple of these pollers against multiple ports.

* Testing on new, exciting platforms is always appreciated. Somebody want to mess with the Cygwin port of our Postgres stored procedures and see where we stand?

* Any additional help we can get proving our documentation either right or wrong is appreciated. Thanks.

* Got any creative applications for OpenNMS that we haven't considered? Let us know!

* Anybody up for a security analysis of OpenNMS? We know we've got a lot of holes, but we'd rather have most of them identified before we start trying to plug them. Any security folks that are playing along, feel free to chime in here. Anytime, now. Go on. Anytime...


For those of you that have jumped to the end, the butler did it. Now go back to the top and read it in order.

Philadelphia was a frustrating experience. We had confirmation two weeks ago that the meeting was on, with a time/date/location. All I really found was a bunch of building security guards that had heard of the company, but that the company had A) gone out of business, B) Moved out of the building, C) never had an office there. A, B, or C is dependent on the particular guard at a particular building that you might ask.

Things are gearing up around here, with mounting excitement over the coming 0.6 release. From a guts and functionality perspective, you'll see a significantly different product. From the users interface perspective, we've not addressed the issues with the current RTC, in an effort to get the lightweight interface built. Then we'll start setting some priorities.

Had a chance to meet the soon to be infamous Woody Woodring last week. Thanks for lunch, and moreso, thanks for all your help with the testing and bug reporting!

And I beg of you, will someone PLEASE tell me how to get off this damn mailing list...

My parents are coming to visit this weekend, so I've got to clean the house. "Cleaning the house" means put something away and then get sidetracked on the computer for several hours. Don't ask why, it just always seems to work out that way.

Fortunately, my parents know I'm a slob...

Slovenly yours,

Shane O.
Shane O'Donnell