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Alan Cox: Linux kernel 2.4.1-ac1

Feb 02, 2001, 09:42 (0 Talkback[s])
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 13:37:02 +0000 (GMT)
From: Alan Cox alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk
To: kernel@linuxtoday.com
Subject: Linux 2.4.1ac1


o       Resync with Linus 2.4.1
o       Fix recursive make_request crash                (Ingo Molnar)
o       Updated VIA IDE driver                          (Vojtech Pavlik)
        | Please exercise due care and caution testing this
        | bit...
o       Fix case where threaded apps might write to     (Ben LaHaise)
        freed kernel memory
o       Fix ACPI oopses on tecra (apparently bios bugs) (Pavel Machek)
o       AHA152x fixes from maintainer                   (Juergen Fischer)
o       Fix case where scsi could hang on boot waiting  (Rogier Wolff)
        for a disk spinup
o       Further maestro3 pm work                        (Zach Brown)
o       Further NTFS fixes                              (Yuri Per)
o       Add GNU make to the list of URLs in Changes     (Steven Cole)
o       Make dmx3191d enable device before touching it  (Rasmus Andersen)
o       Make the sbpcd driver actually useful in 2.4    (Paul Gortmaker)
o       Make buslogic enable device before touching it  (Rasmus Andersen)
o       Fix tty module locking mishandling              (Maciej Rozycki)
o       Workaround code for APIC problems with ne2k     (Maciej Rozycki)
        | this will break original 82489DX devices for now
        | ie _very_ early dual pentium boards
o       Fix iptos netfilter bug                         (Rusty Russell)
o       Fix get/set_fpu_mxcsr to check xmm ont fxsr     (Doug Ledford)
o       Fix name_to_kdev_t symbol                       (Adam J Richter)
o       Update magic sysrq docs                         (Jeremy Dolan)
o       Support for ETinc PCIsync boards                (Francois Romieu)
o       Mass duplicated word spelling fixes             (Dave Jones)
o       Update sb driver to use spinlocks               (Chris Rankin)
o       Fix leak in bmac driver                         (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix kmalloc check in atm/common                 (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix buffer leak in defxx                        (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix kmalloc check in netrom driver              (Hans Grobler)
        |BTW side exercise - how about using vmalloc here ?
o       Ditto for rose                                  (Hans Grobler)
        |Ditto for comment ;)
o       Fix lockd 64bit handling                        (H J Lu)
o       Tidy pci_match_device ifdefs                    (Rasmus Andersen)
o       Fix qla1280 handling of registration failure    (Rasmus Andersen
                                                         Rakesh Rakesh)
o       Config include fixes                            (Niels Jensen)
o       MatroxFB updates                                (Petr Vandrovec)
o       Tidy fat_read_super to use get_hardsect_size    (Tigran Aivazian)
o       Fix m68k bitops ffs()                           (Geert Uytterhoeven)
o       Fix ip_nat_standalone ksyms stuff               (Rusty Russell)
o       Fix copy_from_user mishandling in ip_fw_compat  (Rusty Russell)
o       Fix romfs for 2.4ac maxbytes                    (Mike Galbraith)
o       filemap/aging updates                           (Rik van Riel)
o       Enable device before reading irq in ne2k-pci    (Martin Diehl)
o       Remove surplus nr_ioapics definition            (Rasmus Andersen)
o       S/390 build fixes                               (Florian Laroche)
o       Advansys driver fixes/portability               (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                         de Melo)
o       Fix out of message handling error in i2o_block  (Jason Lai)
o       Fix bit granularity of 32 in ACPI driver        (Adam J Richter)
o       Fix unsafe casting for ARM on NFS root mount    (Russell King)
o       Fix mxcsr masking on pentium IV                 (Doug Ledford)
o       Update u14/eata drivers to 6.03                 (Dario Ballabio)
o       Fix signed/unsigned mess in sysctl handlers     (me)

o       Merge Linus -pre10
        | This replaces our ppc and most net
        | protocol diffs
o       Fix escaped waitpid prototypes                  (Dave Miller)
o       smctr driver fixes                              (Jeff Garzik)
o       Fix hga probing                                 (Paul Gortmaker)
o       Fix 8139too to enable pci before using pci vals (Jeff Garzik)
o       maestro3 crash on pm fix
o       Further lance cleaning                          (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                         de Melo)
o       depca init cleanup                              (Jeff Garzik)
o       Remove aironet dead code, add probe table       (Jeff Garzik)
o       hp100 driver cleanup                            (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                         de Melo)
o       Make tms380 driver work                         (Jeff Garzik)
o       Blacklist IBM drivers on HPT366 for the moment  (David Woodhouse)
o       Fix write_room on empeg serial usb              (Gary Brubaker)
o       Update natsemi driver                           (Jeff Garzik)
o       Set last_rx on ppp_generic                      (Jeff Garzik)
o       Fix modular tga                                 (Matt Wilson)
o       set dev->last_rx at right place in plip         (Jeff Garzik)
o       drop SIOCATEOR, fix endian bugs in DECnet       (Steve Whitehouse)
o       Add ISAPnP support to smc-ultra                 (Alexander Sotirov)
o       Report errors on scsi_unregister_module         (Oliver Neukum)
o       Clean up starfire driver/fix mem ordering       (Jeff Garzik, Jes)
o       Fix tulip memleak, enable pci before using      (Jeff Garzik)
o       Yellowfin bss not data segment bits             (Jeff Garzik)
o       Quieten DMI reporting                           (me)
o       Fix alpha wait4 error                           (Martin Schinschak)
o       Fix md warning                                  (Peter Samuelson)
o       Fix via AGP support                             (Jeff Hartmann)
o       Fusion driver updates                           (Steve Ralston)
o       Fix bogus net core warnings on irda             (me)
        | needs more pondering before a final solutiomn
o       Error negative size sysctl                      (me)
o       Fix af_unix crash on big buffers                (me)
        | partly based on code from Andrew Morton

o       Raid5 corruption fix                            (Neil Brown)
o       Add Etrax 'cris' architecture support           (Axis)
o       APIC crash fixes                                (Ingo Molnar)
o       Jochen Hein moved                               (Jochen Hein)
o       Fix mm/slab.c doc                               (Matthew Wilcox)
o       Major NTFS updates                              (Anton Altaparmakov)
o       Make de4x5 driver work                          (Nathan Hand)
o       Fix vfb driver line length reporting            (Geert Uytterhoeven)
o       Allow xirc2 config on kernel command line       (David Luyer)
o       via audio mmap support, ioctl fixes             (Rui Sousa)
o       Fix ncpfs limits                                (Petr Vandrovec)
o       Fix bios reading in i91xx scsi driver           (Trevor Hemsley)
o       S/390 updates                                   (Holger Smolinski)
o       Add pci dma mapping to epic100                  (Francois Romieu)
o       Resync with Linus 2.4.1pre9
        - Fix DRM bugs in pre9                          (Linus Torvalds)
        - Fix HPFS tests in pre9                        (me)
o       Remove dead dsp56k/qpmouse inits                (Hans Grobler)
o       uart401 module locking fixes                    (Chris Rankin)
o       Fix cs46xx build error in non module            (Hans Grobler)
o       Update hdparm url                               (Andre Dahlqvist)
o       ibmmca updates                                  (Michael Lang)
o       Fix smctr build problems                        (Hans Grobler)
o       Typo fixes                                      (Ulrich Kunitz)
o       Fix depca to new style module stuff             (Hans Grobler)
        | more love and attention still needed
o       New kmalloc checks in buz.c                     (Hans Grobler)
o       mct_u232 had wrong device id data               (Adam J Richter)
o       aty128fb error path fixes                       (Hans Grobler)
o       Add radeon config help                          (Andre Dahlqvist)
o       Fix acpi header                                 (Adam J Richter)
o       Add missing externs to bttv header              (Hans Grobler)
o       Add missing externs to bridge                   (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix include/linux/rtc.h typo                    (John Fremlin)
o       Remove unreachable code from atm proc           (Hans Grobler)
o       wanrouter proc fixes                            (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                         de Melo)
o       Fix naming of GPL all over the code             (Andre Dahlqvist)
o       sis900 new module locking                       (Jeff Garzik)
o       Remove unneeded private byte count from sb1000  (Jeff Garzik)
o       NCPfs didnt set s->maxbytes                     (Petr Vandrovec)
o       DEC lance cleanup                               (Jeff Garzik)
o       Tulip update                                    (Jeff Garzik)
o       Multiple drivers last_rx and skb deref fixes    (Jeff Garzik)
o       Make bonding new style                          (Jeff Garzik)
o       Remove dead definitions from 8390 code          (Jeff Garzik)
o       8139too updates                                 (Jeff Garzik)
o       82596 driver updates                            (Jeff Garzik)
o       Set last_rx on acenic                           (Jeff Garzik)
o       Update roadrunner to new module locking         (Jeff Garzik)

o       Merge Linus 2.4.1-8
o       Add s->s_maxbytes to reiserfs                   (me)
o       Remove EHASHCOLLISION and make reiserfs thus    (me)
        compatible with existing glibc/apps
o       Clean up oaknet driver                          (Hans Grobler)
o       PCnet32 && / & bug fix                          (Anton Blanchard)
o       c101 driver cleanups                            (Hans Grobler)
o       cs4281 leak fixes                               (Hans Grobler)
o       Update ppc entry code                           (Cort Dougan)
o       smctr cleanup                                   (Hans Grobler)
o       unregister hdlc fixes                           (Francois Romieu)
o       PPP async fixes                                 (Paul Mackerras)
o       IEEE1394 fixes                                  (Andreas Bombe)
o       Fix ac97 mixer crash                            (Darko Koruga)
o       Fix 8xx ethernet driver init fail path          (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix affinity procfs crash on non SMP            (Ingo Molnar)
o       Fix raidhotremove bug                           (Ingo Molnar)
o       NMI watchdog for K7                             (Petr Vandrovec)
o       Fix 386 boot on 2.4 kernels                     (Robert Kaiser)
o       Fix resource leak in ctc on error               (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                         de Melo)
o       Fix kmalloc fail handling in iucv               (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                         de Melo)
o       Fix dasd kmalloc fail handling                  (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                         de Melo)
o       Fix tape34xx kmalloc fail handling              (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                         de Melo)
o       Fix video1394 kmalloc and resource stuff        (Hans Grobler)
o       Cleanup ioc3 for new style network stuff        (Hans Grobler)
o       Cleanup acorn ethernet for new style            (Hans Grobler)
o       Cleanup qpmouse to new style                    (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix last_rx/rx_bytes updates in net drivers     (Jeff Garzik)
o       Further ibm tape fixes                          (Carsten Otte)
o       Do a reset on OHCI errors                       (David Brownell)
o       Fix wavelan_cs kmalloc bugs                     (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                         de Melo)
o       Partition handling fixes                (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o       tgafb modular cleanups                  (Ardrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o       acsi driver cleanup                             (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                         de Melo)
o       Fix scsi disk name reporting                    (Doug Gilbert)
o       ipfilter mss clamping                           (Marc Boucher)
o       cciss driver kmalloc/cleanups                   (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                         de Melo)
o       Fix bugs in alternate uhci drivers              (Johannes Erdfelt)
o       Remove dead dsp56k init                         (Hans Grobler)
o       USB storage updates                             (Johannes Erdfelt)
o       Fix swapfs stuff, mem= > 4gig                   (Christoph Rohland)

o       Remove duplicated 8139 fixes                    (Jeff Garzik)
o       Drop out PS/2 mouse changes                     (me)
o       Fix raid5 bug                                   (Neil Brown)
o       Fix mmio reservation leak in starfire           (Ion Badulescu)
o       Update gmac driver to new style                 (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix misuse of dev_kfree_skb on cycx_x25         (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                         de Melo)
o       IPDDP cleanup/fixes                             (Hans Grobler)
o       Remove = 0 inits from epic100                   (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                         de Melo)
o       Fix resource failure leaks on depca             (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                         de Melo)
o       Document ultrix partition option                (Steven Cole)
o       Fixed unused config option on cadet radio       (Russell Kroll)
o       Lose static = 0 inits on bmac                   (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                         de Melo)
o       Fix eql driver to use save/restore flags        (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                         de Melo)
o       Document sysctl interfaces                      (John Levon)
o       Clean up 6pack and reduce default footprint     (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix the handle alignment issues in NFS          (Trond Myklebust)
o       Chkconfig fixes                                 (Niels Jensen)
o       fusion driver updates                           (Steve Ralston)
o       Clean up com20020-pci driver leaks              (Hans Grobler)
o       tmpfs/shmfs                                     (Christoph Rohland)

o       Fix PS/2 mouse ack/echo handling behaviour      (Julian Bradfield)
        | Let me know if you see 'odd' ps/2 stuff       (Chris Hanson)
        | in 2.4.0ac8 not in ac7
o       Merge Linus 1pre3. Drop out some of my vm
        diffs in favour of his
o       PC110 pad move to new driver style              (Hans Grobler)
o       Clean up/fix leaks in ncr885e                   (Hans Grobler)
o       Move dsp56k to new style module stuff           (Hans Grobler)
o       check->request_region, resource leak fixes      (Hans Grobler)
        for qlogicisp
o       Fix iounmap leak in iphase                      (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix iounmap leaks in ymf_pci                    (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix s390mach.c for non SMP                      (Ulrich Weigand)
o       Export queued_sectors                           (Jens Axboe)
o       Fix raid5 build after Linus merge               (Andrea Arcangeli)
o       Documentation and chkconfig update              (Niels Jensen)
o       Fix iounmap leaks in oaknet             (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o       Clean up mac89x0                        (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o       Fix leaks on error in myri_sbus         (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o       Convert macsonic.c to new style         (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o       RCPCI further fixes                             (Rasmus Andersen)

o       Export a KMALLOC_MAXSIZE for drivers to check   (Hans Grobler)
        | this is needed to verify things like firmware
        | sizes passed by users
o       Fix highmem compile issues                      (Ingo Molnar)
o       Fix kmalloc check missing in hades-pci          (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix kmalloc fail crash in sdla_ppp              (Hans Grobler)
o       cfi locking fixes                               (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix missing spin_unlock_irq in hd6457x.c        (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix lmc_main missing skb_unlock on error case   (Hans Grobler)
o       Handle out of memory on lanstreamer             (Hans Grobler)
o       Bring cs46xx.c into working state for non       (Hans Grobler)
        module. Fix locking
o       Fix filesystem locking documentation            (Al Viro)
o       Fusion driver updates                           (Steve Ralston)
o       Correct netfilter url                           (Rusty Russell)
o       rcpci45 fix the pci_table name (again)          (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix scsi option ordering bug noted by           (Michael Zieger)
o       Config.h include updates                        (Niels Jensen)
o       LFS handling cleanup, move some checks to       (Al Viro)
o       Fix missing s->maxbytes setup for procfs        (me)
o       Replace epic100 patches with alternatives       (Jeff Garzik)
o       eepro fixes for older cards                     (Aristeu Sergio
                                                             Rozanski Filho)
o       Buz error handling fix                          (Hans Grobler)
o       DGRS driver cleanups/kmalloc checks             (Arnaldo Carvalho 
                                                                de Melo)
o       Fix ioremap leak in zr36120                     (Hans Grobler)
o       FIx iounmap leaks in Stradis driver             (Hans Grobler)
o       Further mtd fixes                               (David Woodhouse)
o       Update yellowfin driver                         (Jeff Garzik, from
                                                         Don Beckers drivers)
o       Fix iounmap bugs in vga16                       (Hans Grobler)
o       TCP odd error fix                               (Dave Miller)
o       ll_rw_blk enhancements                          (Jens Axboe)
o       DMFE driver cleanup                             (Pavel Rabel)
o       iucv fix for S/390 build when non SMP           (Ulrich Weigand)
o       Merge linus -pre2
o       Fix ixj kmalloc checks                          (Ingo Molnar)
o       Fix null pointer check in ibm partition code    (Ingo Molnar)
o       Fix kmalloc check in pc_keyb                    (Ingo Molnar)
o       Fix kmalloc check in atari_pamsnet              (Ingo Molnar)
o       Fix kmalloc check in 3c515                      (Ingo Molnar)
o       Tidy up defxx/fix module locks etc              (Jeff Garzik)
o       Fix kmalloc check in atari_bionet               (Ingo Molnar)
o       Fix kmalloc check in olympic driver             (Ingo Molnar)
o       Fix kmalloc checks in avmb1 driver              (Ingo Molnar)
o       Tokenring needs to be an object file as its     (Jeff Garzik)
        using initcalls

o       Sunrpc locking fix                              ()
o       Made agpgart smarter about i815                 (Charles McLachlan)
o       Speed up truncate for shmem and clean up        (Christoph Rohland)
o       Fix kmalloc test in udf                         (Ingo Molnar)
o       Fix ramfs kmalloc testing                       (Ingo Molnar)
o       Fix irq and sense handling bugs in S/390        (Holger Smolinksi)
o       Fix string.h for userspace accidental include   (me)
        | noted by Ulrich Weigand
o       Red Hat office move                             (David Woodhouse)
o       Fix missing highmem includes                    (Jens Axboe)
o       Fix nfs_flushd deadlock                         (Trond Myklebust)
o       Honour owner in mpu401                          (Chris Rankin)
o       Fix raid5 kmalloc check                         (Ingo Molnar)
o       Export mmu_cr4_features                         (Adam J Richter)
o       Update ide floppy maintainer                    (Paul Bristow)
o       Fix IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP case                      (Stefan Jonsson)
o       Wavelan resource leak fixes                     (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix spinlock error introduced from 2.4.1pre     (Benjamin Redelings)
o       Fix u32 classifier possible hang                (Dave Miller)
o       Further warning fixes                           (Rich Baum)
o       RCPCI driver further cleanups                   (Rasmus Andersen)
o       Remove unneeded test from rlimit code           (Hans Grobler)
o       Generate header file tags as well as code       (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix ppp_generic label problem                   (William Lee Irwin)
o       Fix errors failing to restore IRQ's on smctr    (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix bulkmem kmalloc check error                 (Ingo Molnar)
o       Fix pci kmalloc fail handling error             (Ingo Molnar)
o       Fix dac960 kmalloc check                        (Ingo Molnar)
        | new driver rev from LNZ due anyway however
o       Fix pcmcia cs kmalloc check error               (Thiago Rondon)
o       Fix pcmcia ds kmalloc check error               (Thiago Rondon)
o       Bootmem.c uses phys_to_virt but misses include  (Bjorn Wesen)
o       Fix sknet kmalloc check                         (Ingo Molnar)
o       Fix lmc kmalloc check                           (Ingo Molnar)
o       Atarilance kmalloc check                        (Ingo Molnar)
o       Make some symbols static                        (Dan Aloni)
o       Fix sgiseeq kmalloc fail handling               (Ingo Molnar)
o       ISDN kmalloc null check fix                     (Ingo Molnar)
o       ATM kmalloc fix                                 (Ingo Molnar)
o       Apa1480 kmalloc null check fix                  (Ingo Molnar)
o       Sunlance kmalloc check fix                      (Ingo Molnar)
o       Baget lance kmalloc check fix                   (Ingo Molnar)
o       Update Jes Sorensen's email addr                (me)
o       Fix athlon crash on boot with local apic/nmi    (Ingo Molnar)
o       Further ds fix                                  (Dan Aloni)
        (Can the pcmcia folk verify that in fact you
         could just move it)
o       Fix iucv kmalloc bogon                          (Ingo Molnar)
o       Fix sun3 video kmalloc check                    (Thiago Rondon)
o       Further raid5 fixes                             (Ingo Molnar)
o       Netfilter updates                               (Rusty Russell)
        | (so come to www.linux.conf.au and say thanks)
o       Update audio locking fixes                      (Chris Rankin)
o       Remove ymf_sb driver now ymfpci handles all     (Pete Zaitcev)
o       Fix qnx build error                             (Frank Davis)
o       Further generic_file_write fix                  (me)
        | no signal on short write
        | write data on write overlapping max fs size
o       3c515 dereferenced freeed skbuffs               (Hans Grobler)
o       opl3sa2 driver update                           (Scott Murray)
o       Uninline strstr to fix gcc compile problems     (me)
        | as in 2.2
o       Fix dmfe oops if no card found                  (Andrew Morton)
o       Fix df reporting on ntfs                        (Anton Altaparmakov)
        | alternate fix to one by Willem Dekker
o       Fix error path on macii_init that left irqs off (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix memory/resource leaks in tlan driver        (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix vmalloc end on highmem                      (Ingo Molnar)
o       Allow dac960 root device specifiers             (Leonard Zubkoff)
o       Fix missing NULL kmalloc check in fore200e      (Hans Grobler)
o       AF_UNIX cleanup continued                       (Hans Grobler)
o       Chkconfig fixes                                 (Niels Jensen)
o       Fix kmalloc check missing on ppc proc/rtas      (Hans Grobler)
o       Add recovery for get_block failures             (Al Viro)
o       Fix partially mapped page handling in gfw       (Al Viro)
o       Use s_maxbytes in lseek                         (Al Viro)
o       Correct various ext2 items                      (Al Viro)
o       Fix memory leak in 3c527 driver                 (Hans Grobler)
o       Clean up ipc formatting etc except shm          (Ingo Molnar)
o       Add mising BSDCOMP documentation                (Kai Germaschewski)
o       Fix unchecked allocation in isdn_ppp.c          (Hans Grobler)
o       Revised ad1848 patch                            (Chris Rankin)
o       Fix missing kmalloc check on hdlc               (Krzysztof Halasa)
o       Make mnt name behaviour predictable on oom      (Ingo Molnar)
o       Configure doc fixes                             (Jeremy Dolan)
o       Fix amifb endif typo                            (Rich Baum)
o       Fix bug where mtd driver left irqs off on error (Hans Grobler)
o       Adjusted ext2 max size rule                     (Andreas Dilger)
o       Fix non SMP build of S/390 tree             (Bernhard Rosenkraenzer)
o       Uniprocessor APIC support/NMI wdog etc          (Ingo Molnar)
o       IXJ driver cleanups/fixes/updates               (David Huggins-Daines)
o       Fix endian and other minor partition bugs  (Andrzej M. Krzysztofowicz)
o       Fix nasty irda bug which could leave ints off   (Hans Grobler)
o       FIx bmac case where ints could be left off      (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                         de Melo) 
o       Remove surplus break from de620                 (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix iph5526 dereference of free skb             (Hans Grobler)
o       Remove invalid netfilter url from docs          (David Rees)
o       Fix madvise crash                               (Andrew Morton)
o       Fix memleak in eepro driver error path          (Hans Grobler)
o       Ultrastor driver used wrong type for save_flags (Thiago Rondon)
o       Fix spin_unlock missing in s390 error path      (Hans Grobler)
o       MTD update                                      (David Woodhouse)
o       Tidy softdog driver                             (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix sunos syscall memory leak                   (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix surplus remove_flags in 53c7xx,8xx driver   (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                                de Melo)
o       Tidy isicom, fix missing restore_flags          (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                                de Melo)
o       Fix missing restore_flags in sscape             (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                                de Melo)
o       Make ixj use dynamic board structures           (David Huggins-Daines)
o       Fix missing spin_unlock in i2o block            (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix ad1848 missing restore_flags                (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                                de Melo)
o       Fix missing spin_unlock in ymfpci               (Hans Grobler)
o       Adaptec 1542 SCSI command line options          (Dmitry Potapov)
o       Fix missing ksym                                (Eyal Lebedinsky)
o       Fix megaraid driver                             (Anwar Payyoorayil)
o       Sparc xor fix                                   (Anton Blanchard)
o       Fix error returns on truncate/open              (Al Viro)
o       Fix missing restore_flags in n_r3964            (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                         de Melo)
o       mxser driver capable/return fixes               (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                         de Melo)
o       Fix missing __restore_flags on IDE              (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                         de Melo)
o       Fix missing spin_unlock_irqrestore in EMU10K    (Hans Grobler)
o       Resync with Linus tree

o       Fix dereference of freed skbuff in iphase       (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix dereference of freed skbuff in isdn_ppp     (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix dereference of freed skbuff in comx         (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix dereference of freed skbuff in atarilance   (Arnaldo Carvalho 
                                                                de Melo)
o       Fix missing NULL check of dev_alloc_skb in      (Hans Grobler)
        hdlc layer
o       Fix vesafb typo                                 (Dag Wieers)
o       Z85230 driver cleanup                           (Hans Grobler)
o       Remove spare restore_flags in de600             (Hans Grobler)
o       Catch failed kmallocs in ppc ethernet           (Hans Grobler)
o       AF_PACKET socket cleanup                        (Hans Grobler)
o       ATAPI IDE format facility                       (Sam Varshavchik)
        | Don't rely on the abi or anything yet, Gadi
        | the maintainer has yet to comment on it
o       Fix smc9194 crash on out of memory              (Hans Grobler)
o       Documentation fixes                             (Dag Wieers)
o       Fusion driver updates                           (Steve Ralston,
                                                         Eddie Dost,
                                                         Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                         de Melo)
o       Fix ramfs hangs                                 (me)
o       Fix assorted LFS problems and missing rlimit    (me)
        checks. In theory file size rules are now 
        right and properly enforced except for those
        folks not using generic_file_write who need to
        do their homework 8)

o       Add support for the newer 3c905 cards           (Andrew Morton)
o       Drop unused field from scc.h                    (Hans Grobler)
o       Remove dead sysctl stuff from econet            (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix documentation indexes                       (Paul Gortmaker)
o       Fix post free reference of an skb in lance      (Paul Gortmaker)
o       Tidy appletalk code                             (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix bootup vesafb hang                          (David Wragg)
o       TCP 'reset_xmit_timer' fix                      (Dave Miller)
o       Tidy up cursor positioning on menuconfig        (Kirk Reiser)
o       Add missing wait.h includes to some asm/semaphore
                                                        (Hans Grobler)
o       AF_UNIX socket cleanup                          (Hans Grobler)
o       Update sd locking fixes                         (Oliver Neukum)
o       Add module locking to audio coprocessor calls   (Chris Rankin)
o       Minor further X.25 tidy                         (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix scsi ioctl/scan crash on out of memory      (Douglas Gilbert)
o       Soundscape patches                              (Chris Rankin)
o       M68K fixes for mem stats and stram              (Geert Uytterhoeven)
o       Set MSG_TRUNC correctly on atm sockets          (Matti Aarnio)
o       Add infrastructure for parport autoloading      (Adam J Richter)
o       Make lp driver use capable not old suser()      (Tim Waugh)
o       Fix thread/unload race on i2o block             (me)
o       Fix drivers that use asm/delay not linux/delay  (Geert Uytterhoeven)
o       Further warning fixes                           (Rich Baum)
o       Netfilter config/Makefile fixes                 (Dave Miller)
o       Merge updated cs4281 driver and tidy it         (Tom Woller)
        | some cleanups by me, possibly broken it ;)
o       Fix bagetlance reference of freed buffer (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o       ISDN small fixes                                (Andrea Baldoni,
                                                         Daniel Stodden)
o       ESS Maestro 3 driver                            (Zach Brown)

o       Clean up strip driver                           (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix fore atm makefile                           (Jan Rekorajski)
o       Fix m68k lance mismerge                         (Geert Uytterhoeven)
o       Fix tty documentation typos                     (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix ohci1394 build                              (Arjan van de Ven)
o       Remove dead lapbether inits                     (Hans Grobler)
o       Workaround the acpi recursive variable name     (Bill Wendling)
        Makefile problem
o       Further minor S/390 merge                       (Ulrich Weigand)
o       Fix DRM build problem on ATI Rage 120/no AGP    (Gareth Hughes)
o       Fix mac address setting in 8139too              (Ben Greear)
o       AGP oops fix/ALi cleanup                        (Bill Crawford)
o       Further DECnet cleanups                         (Hans Grobler)
o       S/390 last fixes                                (Ulrich Weigand)
o       Fix missing arlan symbol                        (Hans Grobler)
o       Do basic IPX/SPX cleanups                       (Hans Grobler)

o       Resync with Linus
o       Fix serial compile bug                          (Bill Notthingham)
o       Clean up lapbether                              (Hans Grobler)
o       Fix endian handling in ne.c                     (Geert Uytterhoeven)
o       Fix root umount handling                        (Chris Mason &
                                                         Al Viro)
o       Bring wan drivers up to scratch for 2.4         (Krzysztof Halasa)
o       SD module locking fix                           (Oliver Neukum)
o       Merge S/390 32/64bit ports                      (IBM)
        | some rough edges to tidy up yet - guys can
        | you change the DMA ifdefs to match 2.2 style..

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