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Midgard Weekly Summary for February 16, 2001

Feb 16, 2001, 22:47 (0 Talkback[s])
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Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 14:28:48 -0600
From: Ken Pooley kpooley@sewanee.edu
To: MWS <mws@midgard-project.org>


The last few weeks have been quite eventful. 1.4.1 b1 was released and work is progressing on a final release. Paris and Brussels were hives of Midgard activity with LinuxWorld, OSDEM and the Midgard Developer's meeting all happening. All reports are that Alexander, Emile and Ami were excellent. In Hong Kong Alan Knowles has released a second version of the Linux Center's excellent Framed Admin site. Lastly Henri has started a discussion, mostly on the list, about the future role of the non-profit Midgard Ry which owns the Midgard core code.


Editor's Note

Developer's Meeting and OSDEM
        Notes and pointers to pictures
1.4.1 Progress
        Beta 1 has been released, Beta 2
Framed Admin from HKLC
The Hong Kong Linux Center, at work in new offices on a new admin
The Future of the Ry
 There is some discussion what and who Midgard will be.

Developer's Meeting and OSDEM
The first weekend in February brought a public Midgard showing and the semi-annual Midgard Developer's Meeting. At OSDEM, in Brussels, Alexander Bokovoy and Ami Ganguli made presentations about the recently released Midgard 1.4 as well as the coming Midgard 2.0. Emile also sat in on one of the round table discussions. Reports are that everyone represented the Midgard community exceptionally well. There is a site with RealMedia presentations of some of the conference sessions, I have not seen Ami, Alexander or Emile but I am told that more content will be added. The URL is
http://www.opensource-tv.com .

February 5th saw the Midgard Developers meeting in Paris. In attendance were Alexander, Emile, David, Ami, Jean-Noel, Loic, Armand and Henri. Planning was set in place for the last 1.4 releases as well as more firm planning for Midgard 2.0 planning. The road map for 2.0 has the final release planned for the end of this calendar year. Basic application core features should be finished by July, with optional features to be added over July, August and September. In addition to immediate needs for help, the developing group also needs to start hearing from people who have feature requests, especially those which concern the enduser experience. Photos from the meetings can be found at:

1.4.1 Progress
1.4.1 Beta was released last week with the Final Candidate due in early March. The main goal of 1.4.1 is to add Php4 support to Midgard. At this point that part of the project looks promising; there are a few problems Asgard and snippets but they seem to have more to do with differences between Php3 and 4 than the Midgard application. There are also further refinements to Repligard to look forward to. There will probably be one more beta release for 1.4.1 then a final relese. The goal at this point is to have one more planned release in the 1.4 tree for bug fixes only, 1.4.2 is planned for April.

The 1.4.1 beta one can be downloaded from:

Framed Admin from HKLC
Alan Knowles announced the availability of the Hong Kong Linux Center's Framed Admin Release Milestone 2. This release includes bug fixes as well as a number of new features. Most of the functionality is built into snippets which can be removed if necessary. There are modules for webmail, webstats and multilingual features including a Chinese language version. The HKLC Admin release has been a great addition to the Midgard community and has done a great deal to expand what the Midgard experience can be. More information can be found at:
The Future of the Ry
There have been important discussions on the Midgard list about the future and form of the non profit entity which owns the Midgard code and associated intellectual properties. Currently Midgard is owned by a nonprofit organization, The Midgard Project Ry. This situation works, but there is some thought about what more we could be accomplishing.

Changes in Php and its licensing are pushing Midgard from one side while the promise of Midgard 2.0 with its independence from proprietary programming languages pulls from the other side. There may or may not be a necessity of change but the opportunity to re-examine the protection, control and promotion of Midgard should not pass. One proposal would shift the ownership of the copyright for Midgard to the Free Software Foundation. The idea would be that this would free the Midgard Project organization to better represent the business interests of the Midgard community membership. This, however, could jeopardize the perception of impartiality of the association. These questions, basically, revolve around what the community needs from the official Midgard body and what the community can invest in the organization. Input from the extended community would be welcomed and can be sent to the list, if the discussion evolves there are a number of threaded forums we might take advantage of, including Commentext, which would facilitate the discussion.

About Midgard

Midgard 1.4 is a content publishing tool for small and medium sized sites. It is based on Apache, MySQL and PHP. The application and its documentation are licensed GPL, LGPL and GFDL. This licensing strategy guarantees that developers, webmasters, ISPs, and business managers are investing in a strategy where they're free to share solutions and participate in the application design.

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About MWS

The Midgard Weekly Summary is a bi-weekly newsletter for the Midgard user and developer community, as well as the extended web community. If you would like to release it or publish it, please contact Ken Pooley

Previous issues of Midgard Weekly Summary can be found archived at the Midgard web site.

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