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LinuxWorld: The Lin-Win network toolkit

Feb 27, 2001, 20:53 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Richard Sharpe)

"I reckon that the most useful network-debugging tool available is Ethereal, but then I am biased as a part of the Ethereal team. Ethereal is a packet capture and analysis tool that can display the smallest detail of a large and ever increasing number protocols. The current version of Ethereal is 0.8.15. Figure 2 shows Ethereal displaying Label Distribution Protocol packets."

"Due to the efforts of various teams around the world that have ported GTK+ and libpcap to Windows, you can now run Ethereal under Windows as well. SMB, the protocol underlying Microsoft Windows Networking, is now among the growing number of protocols that Ethereal understands. So it is even possible to diagnose many Windows Networking problems with Ethereal."

"Watch out though! Just recently the Ethereal team discovered a problem (caused by a chain of problems) with the SMB decode for the Windows version of Ethereal. Windows NT does not return the correct date information when responding to a Get File Attributes SMB command. That causes the Windows gmtime routine to return NULL rather than a pointer to a string. Ethereal would blindly index into the string and crash. Under Unix Ethereal happily reported file times well before 1970! Oh well, the bug is fixed now, or it will be when the next version of Ethereal is released. That is yet another demonstration of the power of open source software. Because the source is available, anyone can fix the problems."

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