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Gamespy.com: Is Linux Gaming here to stay?

Mar 04, 2001, 15:37 (13 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by James Hills)

"In the past few months, it looked as though trouble was brewing over at Loki. The port Alpha Centauri, despite the rumors that it was gold or very near gold, has not shipped, the beta testing for Tribes 2 paused apparently indefinitely while they waited for the Windows version, and some of their more talented programmers moved on to positions at other companies. Additionally, despite the fact that Loki had attended past Linux World Expos, they were absent this year."

"To add to this flood of negative news recently, Three Axis, the developers working on the Linux port of Nanosaur, announced that they were scaling back because of lack of funding. Also, those of you who have visited your local game stores may have noticed that many other titles, such as Hyperion Entertainment's ports of Sin, and Shogo: MAD, as well as Tribsoft's port of Jagged Alliance 2, have, "gone gold", yet have failed to hit the retail shelves."

"Even Indrema, one of the potentially brighter stars of the Linux gaming market has delayed the release of their console, and is now possibly going to be released this fall."

"All these points would lead a casual gamer to believe that perhaps Linux gaming is dead or dying. In fact, for a brief time, I was beginning to adopt this opinion as well. So I took a long hard look at who and what is driving Linux gaming, why it hasn't worked so far, and what can be done to remedy the situation."

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