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LinuxProgramming: PR: O'Reilly releases completely new "Programming Python" for Python 2.0

Mar 06, 2001, 19:46 (0 Talkback[s])

"As Python has grown to embrace developers on a number of different platforms (Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac) companies have taken notice and are adopting Python for their products. It has shown up animating major motion pictures, serving up maps and directories on the Internet, guiding users through Linux installations, testing chips and boards, managing Internet discussion forums, scripting online games, and even scripting wireless products."

"Python is usually on the forefront of most high-tech developments," says Mark Lutz, author of the just-released second edition of "Programming Python" (O'Reilly US $54.95) "For instance, as an object oriented language, it blends extremely well with the XML view of the world, and there is a Python port to the new C#/.NET system in the works. Because Python is a general purpose language now used by so many people, it tends to keep pace with the bleeding edge at large."

"Programming Python," describes the advanced uses of the Python programming language. Among other things, Python supports object-oriented programming; a remarkably simple, readable, and maintainable syntax; integration with C components, and a vast collection of precoded interfaces and utilities. "It's really something of a completely new book that reuses the title of the original/first edition," says Lutz, "This is a radical rewrite from the ground up, to capture the modern Python community and advanced applications, not just an update for Python 2.0."

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