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Tcl-URL! - weekly Tcl news and links (Mar 8)

Mar 08, 2001, 20:25 (0 Talkback[s])
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Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2001 10:15:28 -0600 (CST)
From: Bill Schongar bschonga@cisco.com
To: Dr.Dobb's.Tcl-URL.distribution@starbase.neosoft.com
Newsgroups: comp.lang.tcl
Subject: Dr. Dobb's Tcl-URL! - weekly Tcl news and links (Mar 8)

ActiveState announces Tcl as a supported scripting language, adding to the already supported versions of Perl and Python. Additionally, Andreas Kupries has joined ActiveState's staff, where he and Jeff Hobbs will undoubtably hatch some complex plot to get Tcl noticed even more...

Jeff Godfrey announces tkSokoban, which sounds like a health food but is in fact a tcl/tk version of the Sokoban puzzle game. There's also an in-progress experiment somewhat like the old "Asteroids" game.. without the asteroids. Take some free time and go play!

Ioi suggests the creation of a shared SourceForge project for small Tcl projects, to avoid the overkill of spending more time setting up the SF project than writing the Tcl code...

Trying to find the width and/or height of text characters on a canvas? The 'bbox' command is what you're looking for...

Ryan Casey announces PortMon, for checking port status:

Abstract scientific puzzles? Sure, we've got those. Richard posts one forwarded to some other groups, and various answers and solutions arise.. including ones taken from Douglas Adams, though none from Scott Adams ("The answer is Trout, I hope this

Wondering how to implement a linear filter in Tcl? Well someone was, and wanted to see how it could be made faster. Minor variations provided a 4x increase, so whether you're looking for performance tips or are considering writing an image filter, you may want to review of the suggestions in this thread:

All aboard! Richard takes the train.. and puts it online for other folks to mess about with the code for this animated amusement. Some would-be engineers reported that the train can crash, and the derailment on the line was later corrected:

Always wanted to be a Rocket Scientist? NASA is looking for a Tcl/Tk developer at the Goddard Space Flight Center. You should know OO programming in C and Tcl, along with a few other requirements:

Everything you want is probably one or two clicks away in these pages:

The "Welcome to comp.lang.tcl" message by Andreas Kupries

Larry Virden maintains a comp.lang.tcl FAQ launcher

Brent Welch maintains "The Tcl Developer Xchange", a highly organized resource center of documents and software with provisions for individuals to "set up a link to your software and update ... as you release new versions."

They also keep info to convince your boss Tcl is a good thing

Mark Harrison publishes summaries of Tcl Core Team (TCT) activity

NeoSoft has a comp.lang.tcl contributed sources archive

Cameron Laird tracks many Tcl/Tk references of interest

Cetus Links maintains a Tcl/Tk page with verified links

Findmail archives comp.lang.tcl.announce posts

Previous - (U)se the (R)esource, (L)uke! - messages are listed here:

Suggestions/corrections for next week's posting are always welcome.

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