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LinuxWorld: WorldForge: The open source answer to EverQuest

Mar 09, 2001, 06:43 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Lee Anderson)

"The WorldForge Project is still young, but shows promise. Like many open source projects it does not yet rival commercial titles, but it offers enticing flexibility to players -- and the opportunity to contribute creatively to the game world."

"Most online gamers would sell their grandmother to get a hold of their favorite massively multiplayer (MM) title. The addictive multiplayer genre has continually been at the height of gaming popularity since the introduction of multiuser dungeons and networked personal computers. Today, MM titles such as Verant's awe-inspiring EverQuest are remaking the addictive virtual worlds with cutting-edge visuals and role-playing adventures, attracting a new breed of online gamer. Whether we like it or not, MMs are the Internet's answer to addictive drugs and are reshaping the way we play online."

"Ultima Online (UO), in my humble opinion, was the game that gave the MM genre a widespread, online presence. And although UO played an important part in gaming history, some believed that it did not evolve from multiuser dungeons to deliver a truly advanced virtual world. With this perception, a group of developers decided to create their own player-focused online world, thus enhancing the online gaming experience. The result was the WorldForge Project."

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