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Mar 10, 2001, 05:13 (18 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Michael Hall)

"...So I look askance at a lot of HTML editors, wishing that they'd make at least make an attempt to bridge the gap between WYSIWYG simpicity and the generation of clean markup. Being afflicted by a dollop of laziness, myself, I tend to use GNU Emacs and a handy extension for it: html-helper-mode for my markup. It spares me having to type <p> every time I want a new paragraph by providing ALT-p as a shortcut to produce the tag, it has a bunch of handy tools for providing datestamps, enclosing a URL in an anchor tag, and shortcuts for most of the tags you'll need. It even defers to good HTML practice by breaking out logical and physical styles (<strong> as opposed to <b>). It's ideal for light markup, or for a quick jog to the memory for how a forgotten tag should work."

"Emacs, though, isn't the answer for everybody. In fact, there are few things more cruel than hyping it to the ceilings to a cherished friend and then disappearing for a week while they go through the process of training their fingers to cope with the sort of digit acrobatics required to make things work."

"A good partway solution would be to leverage the sort of comprehensive and consistent look and feel a GUI can bring to the computing experience without introducing the dumbing-down (and bad-HTML-inducing) elements of a lot of HTML editors. A hybrid between the friendlier interface provided by GUI's and the economy provided by a plain old text editor with good shortcuts, or even just a plain old text editor."

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