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XFree86 4.03 Released

Mar 19, 2001, 13:07 (26 Talkback[s])

Summary of updates in 4.0.3.

  • Some temporary file-related security vulnerabilities are fixed.
  • Screen corruption problems and palette saving problems with some Neomagic chips are fixed.
  • 'XFree86 -configure' problems are fixed in some drivers (including sis and i810).
  • A problem with some plain S3 ViRGE cards is fixed.
  • Some Xaw incompatibilities with Xaw6 are fixed.
  • Some XKB files are updated.
  • Some trident driver updates, including fixing acceleration for the Cyber9388.
  • A palette saving problem in the vgahw module is fixed.
  • Support for the wsmouse protocol is added for OpenBSD/i386.
  • A load problem with the sis driver module, and some depth 24 problems are fixed.
  • Support for the "PD" variant of the ATI Rage 128 is added.
  • Support for GNU Hurd is updated.
  • Some TrueType font problems are fixed.
  • The mga driver doesn't attempt to drive the G450 if the "mga_hal" module isn't available.
  • A problem with bold font simulation in xterm is fixed.
  • The (DPS) stub files created by pswrap are now compatible with the Adobe version.
  • Some glint driver problems are fixed.
  • Support for building on OpenBSD-current, and multi-thread support for OpenBSD are provided.
  • A problem with the ThinkingMousePS/2 protocol is fixed in the mouse driver.
  • Support for the Render extension with Xinerama is added.
  • A DGA-related server crash is fixed.
  • Some Chips & Technologies driver bugs are fixed.
  • Some tseng driver bugs are fixed.
  • Some Alpha platform updates are included.
  • Support for the GeForce3 is added to the nv driver.
  • Misc build-related issues are fixed.
  • Various documentation updates, including a reworked XFree86(1) manual page.

The full distribution including source, source patches, binaries and documentation are available from our ftp site, and our mirror sites. The source is not necessary for installation and configuration. Pre-compiled binary distributions are available for most supported platforms.

Before downloading the binaries read the following 3 files:

There is some information comparing the hardware support in the 3.3.x versus the 4.x series in the driver status document; check there to see if your hardware is supported. Our documentation, including the man pages, is available online.

4.0.3 can also be obtained directly from our public CVS server. The tag is xf-4_0_3. Post release fixes will be found on the xf-4_0_3-branch branch.