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LinuxPlanet: gnotebook: Nautilus Revisited: Unhappy Users Make All the Wrong Demands

Mar 24, 2001, 06:29 (61 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Michael Hall)

"...Nautilus is less-than-optimal at this point, despite being a product of good design and high promise. GNOME is back on a few design points. GNOME 1.4 was wisely numbered, because my own use of the release candidate and betas over the past few weeks reveals that the changes it represents are incremental and not profoundly apparent to end users. The talkbacks will be flooded, once GNOME 1.4 has been out in general circulation and the reviews are coming in, with the inevitable lack of graciousness the end user camp will display when given an opportunity to do what it does best, which is post in talkbacks."

"The answer, though, isn't to demand Nautilus' removal from GNOME, or even to fork the project in a panicked attempt to make the design trade-offs required to make it faster quicker. It's a good piece of software, it has a lot of promise, and its developers have worked hard on it. It deserves more than to be rendered down into gmc redux. It deserves the benefit of "Torvalds' Law", with an active community of many eyes continuing to look at it, and many fingers clicking 'submit' on its Bugzilla page."

"I said the same thing about Mozilla I'll say about Nautilus here, which is that these projects require active, engaged user communities to make things happen. Not carping whiners who've staked their meager credibility in talkback pissing matches over the desktop wars or daily harassment of the nearest Windows fan they can lay hands on."

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