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Kernel 2.4.3-pre8 is out

Mar 26, 2001, 06:35 (4 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to Jeff Garzik for pointing us to this release. ]

The eighth pre-patch of the 2.4.3 linux kernel is available to download from www.kernel.org or from your favorite mirror site.

  - Paul Mackerras: PPC update for thread-safe page table handling
  - Ingo Molnar: x86 PAE update for thread-safe page table handling
  - Jeff Garzik: network driver updates, i810 rng driver, and
    "alloc_etherdev()" network driver insert race condition fix.
  - David Miller: UltraSparcIII update, network locking fixes
  - Al Viro: fix fs counts on mount failure

  - more bugs found by the automatic stanford checker, yay!
  - Andrew Morton: fix SAK locking bugs by moving it into a process context
  - Johannes Erdfelt: USB updates
  - Jeff Garzik: merge Hermes driver by David Gibson
  - Jens Axboe: cdrom merges, ll_rw_blk proper accounting

  - Jeff Garzik: network driver merge
  - Andrew Morton: fix missed page_table_lock unlock
  - David Miller: Qlogic,FC bufix, page allocation order problem.

  - Rik van Riel and others: mm rw-semaphore (ps/top ok when swapping)
  - IDE: 256 sectors at a time is legal, but apparently confuses some
    drives. Max out at 255 sectors instead.
  - Petko Manolov: USB pegasus driver update
  - make the boottime memory map printout at least almost readable.
  - USB driver updates
  - pte_alloc()/pmd_alloc() need page_table_lock.

  - Petr Vandrovec, Al Viro: dentry revalidation fixes
  - Stephen Tweedie / Manfred Spraul: kswapd and ptrace race
  - Neil Brown: nfsd/rpc/raid cleanups and fixes

  - Alan Cox: continued merging
  - Urban Widmark: smbfs fix (d_add on already hashed dentry - no-no).
  - Andrew Morton: 3c59x update
  - Jeff Garzik: network driver cleanups and fixes
  - Gérard Roudier: sym-ncr drivers update
  - Jens Axboe: more loop cleanups and fixes
  - David Miller: sparc update, some networking fixes

  - Jens Axboe: fix loop device deadlocks
  - Greg KH: USB updates
  - Alan Cox: continued merging
  - Tim Waugh: parport and documentation updates
  - Cort Dougan: PowerPC merge
  - Jeff Garzik: network driver updates
  - Justin Gibbs: new and much improved aic7xxx driver 6.1.5

  - Chris Mason: reiserfs, another null bytes bug
  - Andrea Arkangeli: make SMP Athlon build
  - Alexander Zarochentcev: reiserfs directory fsync SMP locking fix
  - Jeff Garzik: PCI network driver updates
  - Alan Cox: continue merging
  - Ingo Molnar: fix RAID AUTORUN ioctl, scheduling improvements