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Python-dev Summary, March 15 - 29, 2001

Mar 29, 2001, 20:33 (0 Talkback[s])
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Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 13:06:00 +0100 (BST)
From: Michael Hudson mwh21@cam.ac.uk
To: python-announce-list@python.org
Subject: python-dev summary, 2001-03-15 - 2001-03-29

This is a summary of traffic on the python-dev mailing list between Mar 15 and Mar 28 (inclusive) 2001. It is intended to inform the wider Python community of ongoing developments. To comment, just post to python-list@python.org or comp.lang.python in the usual way. Give your posting a meaningful subject line, and if it's about a PEP, include the PEP number (e.g. Subject: PEP 201 - Lockstep iteration) All python-dev members are interested in seeing ideas discussed by the community, so don't hesitate to take a stance on a PEP if you have an opinion.

This is the fourth summary written by Michael Hudson. Summaries are archived at:


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Number of articles in summary: 410

Bug-fixing for 2.1 remained a priority for python-dev this fortnight which saw the release of 2.1b2 last Friday.

* Python 2.0.1 *

Aahz posted his first draft of PEP 6, outlining the process by which maintenance releases of Python should be made.


Moshe Zadka has volunteered to be the "Patch Czar" for Python 2.0.1.


I'm sure we can all join in the thanks due to Moshe for taking up this tedious but valuable job!

* Simple Generator implementations *

Neil Schemenauer posted links to a couple of "simple" implementations of generators (a.k.a. resumable functions) that do not depend on the stackless changes going in.


These implementations have the advantage that they might be applicable to Jython, something that sadly cannot be said of stackless.

* portable file-system stuff *

The longest thread of the summary period started off with a request for a portable way to find out free disk space:


After a slightly acrimonious debate about the nature of Python development, /F produced a patch that implements partial support for os.statvfs on Windows:


which can be used to extract such information.

A side-product of this discussion was the observation that although Python has a module that does some file manipulation, shutil, it is far from being as portable as it might be - in particular it fails miserably on the Mac where it ignores resource forks. Greg Ward then pointed out that he had to implement cross-platform file copying for the distutils


so perhaps all that needs to be done is for this stuff to be moved into the core. It seems very unlikely there will be much movement here before 2.2.