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KOffice frozen for KOffice 1.1 Beta 1

Apr 13, 2001, 13:59 (29 Talkback[s])
Subject: KOffice frozen for KOffice 1.1 Beta 1
From: David Faure 

As of yesterday :), the koffice module is half-frozen: no new features to
be checked in, bugfixes commits only.
The plan is to package it as koffice-1.1-beta1 on Wednesday 18.

Below is a summary of the release schedule available at


KOffice 1.1 Release Plan

The following is the outline for our KOffice 1.1 release schedule.
The 1.1 release will come with major improvements in the following areas: 

- Many features added to KSpread and KPresenter
- Improve speed and usability of KIllustrator
- Rewrite of KWord, now using Qt's richtext engine
- Much improved mathematical formula support
- Addition of Kivio (Flowcharting program)
- Addition of Kugar (Database report creation)
- Many new filters: Applixware import, Abiword import, RTF, Docbook export, 
LaTeX export, etc.
- Improvements to the existing filters, especially the MSOffice import filters

KOffice 1.1 will be released independently from KDE 2.2. 

KOffice 1.1 Beta 1

Thursday April 12

KOffice is temporarily frozen : bugfix commits only.

Wednesday April 18

Tarballs are made out of KOffice, for KOffice 1.1 Beta 1
 They are made public immediately, and given to packagers for creation of 
binary packages. KOffice is open for commits again.

Monday April 23

Announce KOffice 1.1 Beta 1.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which version of Qt is required ?

Qt 2.2.4 or later

Which version of kdelibs is required ?

kdelibs 2.1.2 will be required by the final KOffice 1.1. 

kdelibs 2.1 and 2.1.1 will work too, but lead to bugs when using the font 
anti-aliasing, and to crashes when splitting views. You've been warned :) 

Using kdelibs-2.2-beta when compiling koffice gives access to a few 
additional features, such as improved printing support (kdeprint) and a 
scanner plugin. This is not required.


Still to be determined : 

* should Krayon be part of KOffice-1.1 ?
Any Krayon developer around ? :)

* is there any plans for an application which creates the XML templates
used by Kugar ? As it is now, this application isn't very user friendly (IMHO)

David FAURE, david@mandrakesoft.com, faure@kde.org

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