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LinuxPlanet: gnotebook: GNOME Fans of the World... Relax

Apr 21, 2001, 01:54 (9 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Michael Hall)

"There's nothing like being told your plane needs a new o-ring while you sit on the runway. It's with the knowledge that one of these most storied of innocuous parts is defective on the very plane I'm sitting in that I write this."

"Worse than the abiding fear that comes from potentially defective o-rings is the sudden charge the air takes when the pilot finally gets around to telling everybody there's gonna be a delay. The air gets warmer, the three-month-old issue of 'SkyMall' loses a little of its luster, and the scent of human desperation wafts up from the seats. I hate flying. I hate sitting in a metal tube that isn't going anywhere while the guy next to me nurses a smelly Cinnabon as if it's a source of precious calories he'll need to survive his ordeal even worse."

"GNOME fans are, to a certain extent, trapped on the airplane on the runway, and I'm going to attempt to back away from some ideas attributed to me a few weeks ago in the name of, well, rallying the faithful or something."

"There's no more happy madness than the utter insanity that grips us when a new release of anything comes out. Just this morning (as I write this) Mandrake 8.0 was spotted on mirrors, and it was astounding how quickly the servers around the globe buckled. It's an inflexible rule of discussion board culture that for every over-enthusiastic fan rattling off lists of mirrors with fat pipes there will be at least one scold who thinks it's just flat immoral to announce anything before the last mirror in Yakutsk, laboring along on a 9600 baud connection, gets the last bit of data for the release."

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