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Xfce 3.8.0 is out

Apr 23, 2001, 12:55 (5 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Olivier Fourdan)

[ Thanks to Chuck Mead for this link. ]

Olivier Fourdan has released Xfce 3.8.0. Here's a list of what's new, direct from the changelog:

23-APR-2001: Xfce 3.8.0

- xfsamba
  New SMB (MS Win95/98/ME/NT/2000 file sharing) browser written by Edscott.
- xfbd/xfbdmgr
  * replace FILENAME_MAX by MAXSTRLEN to avoid problems with HP-UX
- xfclock
  * Add appointments to xfclock (Alex) - Double click on a date in the calendar
    and check your appointments !
- libs
  * Added nscal resources (patch submitted by Dmitry Malykhanov 
- xfrun
  * Properly focuses the entry widget and handles pressing return.
    (Patch submitted by Dave Dunkin )
- xftree
  * Change toolbar arrangement by Jens Luedicke 
  * Add new keybinding to expand/collapse tree from Jasper Huijsmans 
   "J.B. Huijsmans" 
- xfwm
  * Implement xfwm themes engines ("Xfce", "Moffit" and "Trench")
  * Implement layers (0=Lowest, 12=Highest)
  * Implement _WIN_LAYER property (GNOME compatibility)
  * Add real smart automatic placement of new windows
  * Bug fix in MWM decorations routine
  * Implement extended hint ONTOP and ONBOTTOM
  * Add new style option "NoIcon"
  * Move GNOME property sticky from xfgnome to xfwm
  * Add style NoBorder to display windows w/out border
  * Remove StaysOnTop style property (replaced by layer)
  * Implement CirculateSkip, CirculateSkipIcon in Alt+Tab internal function
    (ie not only in Circulate function)
  * Add new option MapFocus for focus follow mouse mode to enable/disable
    automatic focus on new mapped windows.
  * Rearrange root menu (patch submitted by Jens Luedicke )
  * Improve internal functions using new window stack structure.
  * Improve speed...
- xfce
  * Add support for xfwm themes from Xfce setup panel.
  * Implement layer support for panel
  * Add new options in setup dialog for layer and focus policy
  * Remove popup animation because it was too CPU consuming
  * New panel design
- All
  * Updated Italian translation by Giancarlo Rosso 
  * Move config files to $HOME/.xfce/*
  * Add a patch for True64 from Bob Marcan 

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