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Rock Linux 1.4.0 (stable) Released

Apr 29, 2001, 16:00 (15 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to Jocelyn Yeo for this link. ]

Rock Linux 1.4.0 (stable) release
April 28, 2001
This is the first release of the ROCK Linux 1.4 stable tree.
ROCK Linux 1.4.0 is intended for production usage, but given that it's a dot ohh!? (.0) release, you might proceed with care while we hold tight to the brown paper bags.
- Linux Kernel 2.4.3
- XFree86 4.0.3
- GNOME Desktop Environment 1.4
- Many (like heaps of) improvements over previous stable release and up to date versions of packages.
- Inclusion of alsa-driver package for wider soundcard compatibility
- Initial support (optional subdistribution) for pam based authentication
Download the source from: ftp://hazar.ita.chalmers.se/pub/linux/rock/stable/rock-src-1.4.0.tar.bz2
Intel ISO available from: ftp://hazar.ita.chalmers.se/pub/linux/rock/stable/rock-intel-1.4.0.iso
i686 ISO available from:ftp://hazar.ita.chalmers.se/pub/linux/rock/stable/rock-i686-1.4.0.iso
Packages and source archive available from: ftp://hazar.ita.chalmers.se/pub/linux/rock/stable/
- ROCK Linux 1.4.1 is just around the corner. Linux Kernel 2.4.4 got released while preparing this release, and that was set as milestone to freeze the version updates to the tree. If we are lucky Mozilla 0.9.0 and Nautilus will find it's way into it.
- ROCK Linux 1.4.1 will start to include the first attempted build of the many extensions contributed and some of the sub distributions.
- With ROCK Linux 1.4.1 we hope to provide builds of the other architectures, provided that we get people to do the builds.
See also:
The Official ROCK Linux Homepage: http://www.rocklinux.org/
From the recent CHANGELOG:
*) 2001-04-26 (1.3.12 - 1.4.0)
[ preparation for stable release by skaar & jeff ]
- rock-pam included again
- fixed install-disks (qlogic drivers had to go)
- reset devel level to 0 on all packages
- set version from 1.4.0-DEV to 1.4.0
- sent "sneak release note" to the rock linux mailing list
*) 2001-04-22 (1.3.12 - 1.4.0)
[ preparation for stable release by skaar & jeff ]
- removed rock-pam for now
- fixed: gnome-utils/gfloppy (from devel tree), minor priority changes
*) 2001-04-11 (1.3.12 - 1.4.0)
[ preparation for stable release by skaar & jeff ]
- Added rock-pam subdist
- Synced with devel tree
*) 2001-04-11 (1.3.12 - 1.4.0)
[ preparation for stable release by skaar & jeff ]
- Added: alsa-driver-0.5.10b
- Split older entries in CHANGELOG to CHANGELOG-2000
- From devel tree: Stefan Boresch's 33 package descs, linux-2.4.3, modules-2.4.3, gcc-2.95.3, xfree86-4.0.3, gtk-engines-0.12, gnome-libs-1.2.13, gdk-pixbuf-0.10.1, mc-4.5.52, scrollkeeper-1.4.0, gtop-1.0.13, gdm-2.2.0, sawfish-0.38, util-linux-2.11a, hdparm-4.1, pcmcia-cs-3.1.25, sysklogd-1.4.1, iptables-1.2.1a, bin86-0.15.5, gmp-3.1.1, zlib-1.1.3, man-1.5i, man-pages-1.35, dialog-0.7, ppp-2.4.1, modutils-2.4.5, lilo-21.7.3, fixed/updated scripts, install-disks subdist, miscfiles.
- Updated: lesstif-0.92.26, libgd-2.0.1, glib-1.2.10, gtk+-1.2.10, imlib-1.9.10, glade-0.6.2, popt-1.6.2, gnome-print-0.28, gnome-control-center-, gtkhtml-0.8.3, gnome-core-, gnome-applets-, gnome-games-, ggv-1.0, gedit-0.9.6, xscreensaver-3.31, lvm-0.9.1_beta7, whois-4.5.6, openssh-2.5.2p2, gnome-pim-1.4.0.
- Removed empty file pkg-config/libole2-0.15
- Removed obselete pkg-config/gnome-core/gnome-core.conf
- Fixed: build priorities (gconf)
- Documentation: Added another 33 pkg descs.
- Refetched extensions.
*) 2001-03-02 (1.3.12 - 1.4.0)
[ preparation for stable release by skaar & jeff ]
- Updated: glib-1.2.9, gtk+-1.2.9
- Fixed: build priorities (gal, ggv, gnome-print, gnome-vfs, gtkhtml), imagemagick qick fix, mailx no-sgid, gnotepad+ disable-gtkhtml.
- From devel tree: rpm fix, install-disk updates
- Refetched RFCs and HOWTOs
*) 2001-03-02 (1.3.12 - 1.4.0)
[ preparation for stable release by skaar & jeff ]
- Updated: audiofile-0.2.1, binutils-, GConf-0.50, gdk-pixbuf-0.10.0, gdm-2.0.99, gedit-0.9.5.tar.gz, ggv-1.0-beta2, glib-1.2.9pre3, gnome-applets-1.3.1, control-center-1.2.4, gnome-core-1.3.1, gnome-pim-1.3.2, gnome-utils-1.3.2, gtk+-1.2.9pre4, ImageMagick-5.3.0, MesaLib-3.4.1, modutils-2.4.3, oaf-0.6.5, openssh-2.5.1p2, popt-1.6, rpm-3.0.6, sendmail.8.11.3, slang-1.4.4, xml-i18n-tools
- Fixed: new gedit hotfix, put back devfs-fix for util-linux, ./scripts/Create-CD fix (jeff) so that it now actually build the iso.
- Added: gal-0.5, gnome-vfs-0.6.2, gnomemm-1.1.15, gtkhtml-0.8.2, gtkmm-1.2.5, libsigc++-1.0.3, panelmm-0.1,
- Locations: cleaned up gnome-beta location mess from previous snapshots.
- From devel tree: kernel.conf.cpp fix.