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Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.4-ac1

May 01, 2001, 02:28 (2 Talkback[s])
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From:   Alan Cox <alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk>
Subject:        Linux 2.4.4-ac1
Date:   01 May 2001 01:52:00 


                Intermediate diffs are available from


This release is mostly meant for further eyes to check for merge errors. It
boots but thats about all I'd guarantee. I plan to do just the fixups for
2.4.4 bugs and then back out some of the existing changes that don't help
much - notably some of the VM tuning isnt gaining us anything but multiple
bad implementations.

o Merge with Linus 2.4.4
| This wasnt entirely trivial so this is the only | stuff in this patch
| The following stuff has been switched to the Linus branch | in the merge: uhci, dcache atomicity, raw I/O
o Merge read-only vxfs reading support (Christoph Hellwig) o Fix missing return in broken_apm_power (Alex Riesen) o Remove bogus rwsem hacks from usbdevice_fs.h (Alex Riesen) o Fix umount/sync_inodes race (Al Viro) o Make new xircom driver report when promisc used (Arjan van de Ven) o Fix acenic PCI flag set up (Phil Copeland) o Make nfs smart about passing max file sizes (Trond Myklebust) o Add initrd support to User Mode Linux (Jeff Dike) o Fix timer irq race in User Mode Linux (Jeff Dike) o Fix UML for semaphore changes (Jeff Dike) o Update thw W9966 parallel port camera driver (Jakob Kemi) o Further dmfe SMP fixups (Tobias Ringstrom) o Kernel manual pages in man9 (Tim Waugh) o Work around BIOSes that implement E801 sizing but don't implement the CX/DX values part (Michael Miller) o Fix atp driver build (Arjan van de Ven) o Fix irda poll handling (Dag Brattli) o Remove unused buggy pdc202xx code (Arjan van de Ven) o Clean up iphase ATM (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) o Setup slave PDC20265 controller on fasttrak (Arjan van de Ven) as normal IDE
o Add __init/__initdata to most net driver (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz) version info
o SDDR09 config entry was missing (Phil Stracchino) o Configure.help NFS updates (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz) o Netfilter updates (Rusty Russell and co) o Update 2.4 ipconfig to support dhcp (Eric Biederman) o es1371 setup updates/error check/pci bits (Marcus Meissner) o Fix buzzing ymfpci (Nick Brown) o Update nm256 audio driver (Marcus Meissner) o Blacklist updates (Arjan van de Ven)
o Switch to NOVERS symbols for rwsem (me) | Called from asm blocks so they can't be versioned o Fix gcc 2.95 building on rwsem (Niels Jensen) o Fix cmsfs build (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz) o Fix rio build/HZ setup (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz) o Fix PPP filtering dependancy in config (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o Rewrite the i2o post handling code to fix (me) DMA memory scribbles
o Handle IOP constipation in the i2o_block layer (me) o Fix bugs in the i2o table query causing reboots (me) in i2o_proc on the DPT card
o Add quirks for i2o cards that handle large I/O (me) queues badly [Promise supertrak100] o Add cache heuristics to the I2O block driver (me) | We don't cache large writes (assume seq) | We writeback small writes (random, metadata) o Disable use of writeback caching if there is (me) no battery backup
o Merge Linus 2.4.4pre6
o Further semaphore fixes (David Howells) o Correct 'void main' to 'int main' in rtc doc (Jesper Juhl) o Hopefully fix bugtraq reported netfilter ftp flaw
o Fix unistd.h for ARM (Russell King) o Fix pre-emption of rt tasks (Nigel Gamble) o Fix revalidation bugs in cciss/cpqarray (Charles White) when rereading partitions
o Acenic updates (Jes Sorensen) o Fix MAINTAINERS sort order (David Woodhouse) o Restore DVDRAM fix with cdrom init fix too (Jens Axboe) o Fix irda disconnect timeout bug (Dag Brattli) o Experimentally reap dead swap harder (Dave Miller) o Remove dead low mtu checks from drivers (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) o Add missing sk_chk_filter export (Byeong-ryeol Kim) o Quieten pci printks, send them to log (Arjan van de Ven) o Hopefully fix fastrak oops (me)
o Merge Linus 2.4.4pre5
o Back out problem dvdram changes o Make reiserfs use daemonize (Chris Mason) o Fix lvm map buglet (Jens Axboe) o tms380 driver fixes (Adam Fritzler) o Fix up duplicate configs and other glitches (Steven Cole) o Fix pcnet32 printk format bug (me) o ISDN driver further small update/fixes (me) o Fix bounce buffer deadlock on bh allocs (Arjan van de Ven) o Fix fbmem merge glitch (Geert Uytterhoeven) o Version string cleanups on net devices (Jeff Garzik) o Update ext2 documentation (Andreas Dilger) o Add MCE support for AMD Athlon/Duron (Dave Jones) o Further SDLA tidying (me) o Update Configure.help maintainers (Steven Cole, Eric Raymond) o Tulip update (Jeff Garzik) o Fix sound config to use right symnames (Eric Raymond) o Further dmfe fixes (Tobias Ringstrom, Frank Davis Jeff Garzik) o Parport probe cleanups (Tim Waugh) o Fix a few configure items (Eric Raymond) o Fix cmsfs nonbuild (me)
o Merge Linus 2.4.4pre4
o Apply the i960 quirk to the DPT I2O controllers (me) o Etrax100 updates (Bjorn Wesen) o Fix skge memory leak (Jes Sorensen) o Handle reiserfs log overflow error (Chris Mason) o Merge JFFS2 (compressing log flash file system) (David Woodhouse) o Merge contributed help texts for options (Eric Raymond, Steven Cole) o Further screen blanking fixes (Mikael Pettersson) o Further binfmt elf DLINFO fixes/alignment (Benjamin Herrenschmidt) o Fix reboot notifier unregister in aic7xxx (Arjan van de Ven) o Fix orinoco_cs build on powerpc (David Gibson) o Neomagic audio didn't call pci_enable_device (Marcus Meissner) o Remove superblock file size setting for 2Gb (Al Viro) default size file systems
o Merge UML gprof support (Jeff Dike) o Clean up UML slip code (Jeff Dike) o Allow UML attach to already running debuggers (Jeff Dike) o Reorder frame buffer probes (Geert Uytterhoeven) o Add __init calls to bluesmoke.c (Dave Jones) o Add missing pci_enable_device to toshoboe (Marcus Meissner) o Updated AFFS file system (Roman Zippel) o DVD-RAM fixes (Jens Axboe) o Further sundance driver fixes (Jeff Garzik) o Fix qlogicfc warning (Dave Miller) o Fix sign handling error in scsi_ioctl (me) | Found by the Stanford validator o Fix sign handling error in af_decnet (me) | Found by the Stanford validator o Fixed I2O posts to be uninterruptible (me) o Stop IDE layer eating Supertrak slave PDC20265 (me) o Work around the DPT I2O controller exploding when asked to quiesce. (me)
o Fix ac8 pnpbios build bug (me) o Fix ac8 sysrq build bug (me) o Fix uml for new semaphores (Jeff Dike) o Attempt to flush low memory buffers when short of bounce space on highmem machines (Marcelo Tosatti) o Kill old filesystem_setup function (Al Viro) o Small pnp bios tidy up (me)
o Restore wan router features backed out by the (me) sangoma stuff Linus merged
o Clean up #ifdefs in Sangoma code a bit (me) o Fix missing kmalloc return checks in Sangoma (me) o Fix d_flags bit setting in knfsd (Mikael Pettersson) o Turn on winchip MCE (Dave Jones) o IRDA USB driver fixups (Dag Brattli, Philipp Rumpf, Jean Tourrilhes) o Tidy up cpu capability mask reporting (Rogier Wolff) o Refix icmp gcc warnings (Andrzej M. Krzysztofowicz) o Remove 2.0 ioremap hacks from ISDN layer (Kai Germaschewski) o Fix request_region ranges on hisax/bkm_a8 (Roland Klabunde) o Add rx fifo overlfow handling to pci hisax (Werner Cornelius) o Hysdn driver updates (Ulrich Albrecht) o Rewrite cisco hdlc keepalive code (Bjoern Zeeb, Kai Germaschewski) o Document CONFIG_TMSISA (Jochen Friedrich) o Fix emu10k memory leak (Hugh Dickins) o Fix i810 audio SMP lockups (Doug Ledford) o Merge binfmt_elf changes for PPC (Benjamin Herrenschmidt) o Make sysrq keybindings a clean API (Crutcher Dunvant) | I think I caught all the sysrq updates from after | the patch was written and got them right - please check o Merge PnP bios enumeration and PnP BIOS (Christian Schmidt, parport support (Tom Lees, David Hinds, Gunther Mayer) o Bit more experimental work on fixing bounce (Marcelo Tosatti, me) buffers
o Updated VIA quirk handling for the chipset (Andre Hedrick, flaws George Breese) | Experimental version removed
| VIA users should check this kernel -carefully-!!!! o Remove KT7 dma kill (me) | See above note
o Merge Linus 2.4.4pre3
o Fix winchip1 oops in mtrr from previous change (me) o Add winchip3 support to mtrr/oostore (me) o Fix the Zoran driver build (me) | This is still not up to date with the master copy | that is intentional - first things first. o Fix CONFIG_WINCHIP kernel crash on cpu with (me) fxsave
o Fix UML options help bug (Jeff Dike) o Fix pte corruption in user mode linux (Jeff Dike) o Fix gdb and terminal initialisation in UML (Jeff Dike) o UML code cleanup (Jeff Dike) o Fix saved register corruption in UML (Jeff Dike) o Add pci_disable_device (Jeff Garzik) o Fix a slight bug in the parport help (Tim Waugh) o Hopefully fix the sb1000 driver irq support (James Anderson) o Fix missing signal lock in keventd (Manfred Spraul) o Fix module build with io debugging on (Markus Kossmann) o Fix dcache flag atomicty (Al Viro) o Make cs4281 use pci_set_dma_mask, clean up (Jeff Garzik) wrappers
o Use pci_set_dma_mask on maestro3 (Jeff Garzik) o Fix 3270 driver build bug (Dick Hitt) o Fix accidental sb driver bug revert (Jeff Garzik) o Clean up PCI dependancies in sound drivers (Jeff Garzik) o Update synclink driver (Paul Fulghum) o rtl8139 driver update (Jeff Garzik) o Update ps/2 esdi fixes to correct DMA access (Hal Duston) o More aha1542 code marked __init (Matthias Hanisch) o More random.c code marked __init (Matthias Hanisch)
o Remove tables.h include from fatfs_syms (OGAWA Hirofumi) o Update UML (Jeff Dike) o Protect more __KERNEL__ only stuff from (Phil Copeland) asm-alpha/io.h
o Fix sound/Config.in bug with ARM (Russell King) o Update network drivers for ARM bits (Russell King) | 8390, pcnet_cs, tulip
o Fix umount cleanups (Al Viro) o Merge aic7xxx driver 6.11 (Justin Gibbs) o Added support for the pentium machine check (me) | Also including thermal check
o Add support for the winchip machine check (me) o Fix mtrr support of the WinChip2 (me) | Existing code set uncachable not write gathering on winchip2 o Support weak ordering mode on winchip cpus (me)
o Merge Linus 2.4.4pre1
o New rwsem implementation (David Howells) o Fix rwsem compile problem (me) o Fix bust_spinlocks build fail if !CONFIG_VT (me) o Merge Linus 2.4.4pre2 except for ipv6 o Fix the corner case non zeroing bug in (me) copy_from_user for x86
o Fix corruption case in ext2 inode handling (Ingo Molnar, Al Viro) o Merge user mode linux port (Jeff Dike) o Remove some surplus ifdefs from init/main.c (me) o Update nwfpe (Russell King) o Fix ps2esdi driver (Hal Duston) o Update ARM documentation (Russell King) o Update Symbios 53c8xx driver (Gérard Roudier) o ARM frame buffer update (Russell King) o Update ARM bootstrap code (Russell King) o Eicon driver fix (Armin Schindler) o Update S/390 Documentation (Utz Bacher, Carsten o Update S/390 math emulation Otte, Holger Smolinski o S/390 tape driver Martin Schwidefsky o PAGEX support for Linux/390 under VM and probably others) o General S/390 fixes
o Update S/390 tty drivers
o Update S/390 irq handling
o Update S/390 channel driver
o Update S/390 include files
o Update S/390 networking drivers o Update S/390 DASD drivers
o Update S/390 mm to match generic mm changes o Update S/390 makefiles
o Catch another subspecies of misidentifying CD (Bob Mende Pie) o Fix bluesmoke formatting (Solar Designer) o Fix rx error handling in rtl8139 (Jeff Garzik) o Update paths to e2fsprogs (Steven Cole) o Fix proc alloc map locking (Tom Leete) o Console blanking fix (continued..) (Mikael Pettersson) o ARM tools update (Russell King) o Update ARM includes (Russell King) o Update ARM sound drivers (Russell King) o Update the shark ARM support (Alexander Schulz) o Update SA1100 support (Russell King, Nicolas Pitre) o Update ARM make and config files (Russell King) o Update ARM mm/fault handling (Russell King) o Update ARM network driver config (Russell King) o Misc ARM updates (Russell King) o Update ARM footbridge code (Russell King) o EBSA ISA bus fixups (Russell King) o Fix agp copy_from_user bug (Dawson Engler) o Correct devfs docs on /dev/sg (Herbert Xu) o /dev/sg doc update (Douglas Gilbert)
o Fix console unblank from suspend bug (Mikael Pettersson) o Fix unmap_buffer() race (Al Viro) o Add a proper dmi blacklist (me) o Fix alpha build for new mm changes (Ivan Kokshaysky) o Resync setup-bus.c to pick up Alpha Noritake (Ivan Kokshaysky) fixes
o Fix swap accounting for major faults (Marcelo Tosatti) o Add some bigendian support and voodoo5 support (Ani Joshi) to tdfxfb
o Fix failing build with CONFIG_VT=n (Jason McMullan) o Fix some corner cases in iso9660 support (Andreas Eckleder) for symlinks and XA attriubtes
o Fix NTFS and quota sparc build problems on -ac (Steve Ralston) o Resync to the Linus serial.c + B9600 fix (me) o Avoid nasties with OHCI controller gets no IRQ (Arjan van de Ven) assigned
o Pull problem lance change (Jeff Garzik) o Fix SMP lockup in usbdevfs (Tony Hoyle) o Firestream atm update (Patrick van de Lageweg)
o Add the VIA C3 to the mtrr/setup code (Dave Jones) o Report PAE mode oopses better (Ingo Molnar) o Fix zap_low_mappings on PAE (Hugh Dickins) o Tidy up parport resource handling, fix bug (Tim Waugh) o Add series 6 backpack driver support (Tim Waugh) o Make lockd use daemonize() (Paul Mundt) o Fix aicasm to specify -I flags needed on some (Mads Jørgensen) distributions
o Add docbook manual on bus independant I/O (Matthew Wilcox) | + a few additional notes I added o Make the VIA superIO driver honour the (Tim Waugh) irq/dma settings passed
o Update mpt fusion drivers (Steve Ralston) o Add reiserfs maintainer entries (Steven Cole) o Experimental driver for communcation class USB (Brad Hards) | eg Broadcom and Ericsson USB cable modems o I2O updates, report SMART errors on i2o_block (Boji Kannanthanam) o Fix shm locking, races on swapping, accounting (Stephen Tweedie) and swapout of already mapped pages o Clean up REPORTING-BUGS (Steven Cole) o Fix ACM handling of CLOCAL (Vojtech Pavlik) o Fix sparc64 module_map/vfree bug (Hugh Dickins) o Fix scsi race on requeued requests (Mark Hemment) o Tulip driver update (Jeff Garzik) o Update bmac and gmac driver (Cort Dougan) o Winbond w9966cf webcam parport driver (Jakob Kemi)
o Merge Linus 2.4.3 final, diff versus 2.4.3 (me) --- Alan Cox <alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk> Red Hat Kernel Hacker & Linux 2.2 Maintainer Brainbench MVP for TCP/IP http://www.linux.org.uk/diary http://www.brainbench.com