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GNOME: New release of GTK+ libraries (1.3.5)

May 05, 2001, 21:00 (0 Talkback[s])
This release is meant for:

* Those interested in the development of GTK+.
* People planning to port to the upcoming GTK+-2.0 version of GTK+.

Note: the API is mostly frozen at this point. Major API changes
beyond the remaining open '2.0 API freeze' bugs in bugzilla are
unlikely to occur before GTK+-2.0 is released.

This is a an unstable preview release and should not be used in
production. Only minimal testing has been done, and we expect that
significant bugs and portability problems remain at this point.

This release is incompatible with GTK+ and GLib 1.2.x. Software that
has not been explicitly ported will not compile with this version. Do
not send bug reports about such compilation problems to either us or
maintainers of software that uses GLib and GTK+ 1.2.x; The currently
supported version of GLib and GTK+ is version 1.2.10.

If you install these libraries, do NOT replace your current GLib
and GTK+ packages with them; these libraries are designed so they
can be installed in parallel with a GTK+ install without affecting

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