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LinuxProgramming Weekend Roundup -- May 6, 2001

May 06, 2001, 23:17 (1 Talkback[s])

LinuxProgramming Links for May 6, 2001
Compiled by Michael Hall

Here's a rundown of all the release information, articles, and tutorials for the weekend from LinuxProgramming. Your chance to catch up on all the latest news from LProg in one place.

Today's Links:

  • Libraries
  • Articles and Tutorials


  • GNOME: New release of GTK+ libraries (1.3.5)
    "This is a an unstable preview release and should not be used in production. Only minimal testing has been done, and we expect that significant bugs and portability problems remain at this point." This announcement covers GTK+, GLib, Pango, and ATK.
  • GNOME: Release of a new set of XML/XSLT libraries
    "Speed wise I have made clear progresses, testing with a non-trivial example (the XML version of the XML specification on a 700Mzh box) libxml2 consume 8MB/s using SAX, 3MB/s with DOM build and 1.5MB/s for DOM + validation. The XSLT implementation is now as fast or even faster than Microsoft implementation depending on the testcases."
Articles and Tutorials:
  • IBM developerWorks: Zope for the Perl/CGI programmer
    "This article is aimed at Perl/CGI programmers who are ready to take Zope for a spin. There's plenty in the way of comparison and contrast between the two, and some conclusions about which might be best depending on your situation.
  • IBM developerWorks: Cultured Perl: One-liners 101
    Nothing stirs envy in the breast more than a talkback raconteur with a handy one-liner in Perl that solves a problem addressed by much larger shell scripts or full-blown applications. This tutorial introduces some one-liner basics through use of file-renaming operations and other tasks you may be used to performing in the shell.
  • KDE.org: Tutorial: Extending the KDE Panel
    Aspiring KDE programmers may be interested in this tutorial by none other than Matthias Elter. Over the course of this guide to writing applets for kicker, he provides code snippets, tips, and plenty of useful information on the way to writing a KDE version of the venerable "15 pieces" game.