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Letters to the Editor: Two Readers Respond to 'KDE2: Questions regarding its direction?'

May 07, 2001, 23:15 (15 Talkback[s])

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Both letters are in response to Letter to the Editor: KDE2: Questions regarding its direction?

I have been a Linux user for some time as my principle small business environment and personal, primarily with KDE 1.X and occasional Gnome use.

KDE 1.X does seem to be more stable than KDE2 (even 2.1.1), but I do not expect the same level of reliability at this stage, given the total revamp of code for major portions of KDE2.

There is no question that KDE does and probably will be more favourable to Windows users due to degree of similarity of use function and appearance. However I would also NOT approve of continuance of add-on "gimmicks" as la Windows to satisfy that user crowd, since no amount of mimicry will win over many who "must have" Microsoft products.

The main issue in my mind is "pre-loads" on major brands. Until this happens it is unrealistic to expect Linux or any other *nix to greatly penetrate the desktop market - which I do not forsee.

Wendell Anderson
New York, NY

Hi James,

I really appreciate your column published today in LinuxToday, but I'm afraid to say that I do not agree with your issues about KDE2 vs. KDE1.

I work for a small company (in fact, I'm the founder) in Brazil, with 10 employes and 12 PC computers. Something about 2 years ago, we were using Windows NT 4.0 Workstation on all our computers, and the NT Server in the main computer. Since I discovered Linux as a desktop enviroment (I'm using linux for about 4 years, but just for the server enviroment, we do web hosting), I started changing the things around here, in a small scale. After the release of KDE2, all the people saw that great non-Microsoft desktop I was running, and started asking me about why can't they use Linux, and why we were still spending money with Microsoft products, when we could by boxed set's of RedHat and other linux stuff for everything we need for less than $100.

Just to resume, we are all very happy with KDE 2.1.1 running on our RedHat Linux 7.1 with 2.4.4-ac5 kernel.

We cannot think in a console when we want to go to the direction of the desktops. Talking clips, Wizard/Dragons, Popups, and all these kinds of "pretty" things are part of the desktop. The good news, is that we still can do everything we want with the console way. I don't like the sounds, even the speaker of my computer, so I turn it off. If I want to hear any noice, I turn it on. It's quite simple.

Since the release of KDE2RC1, KDE 1.1.2 was completely removed from all workstations at our company, and everybody is REALLY happy with it, running Koffice, Staroffice, Konqueror (Sorry, but you have to admit that it's the better web browser ever made), KMail (I prefer Eudora, but it's too unstable when running with Wine), etc..

About GNOME? I have to admit that I really, really don't care nothing about Gnome. They can made foundation, leagues, corporations or anything they want.

Thank you, and good work!

Thiago Vinhas de Moraes
NetWorx - A SuaCompanhia.com

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