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New GNOME Updates: Trilobite, GNOME Core, Medusa, GNOME VFS

May 10, 2001, 14:43 (0 Talkback[s])

From:   Rebecca Schulman <rebecka@eazel.com>
Subject:        Medusa 0.5.1 out
Date:   09 May 2001 22:15:05 -0700
Medusa 0.5.1 is out now.  Medusa is a search and indexing package that
indexes the contents of your file system and allows you to do quick
searches by file name, size, owner or text file content using nautilus
or the command line.

If you have medusa 0.5 you should get this release because:

It contains bug fixes to problems that will affect you even if you are
not using medusa.

These bug fixes include
-  A file descriptor leak that will occur during certain race conditions
when running nautilus
-  Security issues relating to letting normal users configure medusa
- the /com directory medusa 0.5 creates

Please get this release if you currently have medusa 0.5 installed.
If you don't have medusa 0.5, you may want to wait for the next release
of medusa, which will
actually have exciting new features in it.


From:   jacob berkman <jacob@ximian.com>
Subject:        gnome-core
Date:   09 May 2001 12:14:32 -0400
george has fixed the problems reported since gnome-core

if you have that version (or any version previous), it is recommended
that you upgrade to

when the mirrors sync up, you can get it from:


"I know if you yell 'Fire'... 
but I don't know if you yell 'Godzilla.'"
        -- Andy Kaufman

From:   Robey Pointer <robey@eazel.com>
Subject:        release: trilobite 1.0.3
Date:   08 May 2001 20:06:55 -0700
Trilobite 1.0.3, the "ocho de mayo" release, is out!  Trilobite is a set of extensions for Nautilus that give it the ability to use the Eazel services, as well as useful libraries that can be used to build your own services.  This includes the "how'd they DO that?" package install service (with pluggable package-system backends) and local package view.

Cinco de Mayo is a holiday celebrated more in the US than in Mexico.  It honors a battle fought fifty years after Mexican independence, when a force of Mexican nationals fought and defeated a much larger and better-equipped French invading force.  Mexico won the battle but lost the war -- but it's the effort that counts, boys and girls. :)  Hope you had a nice one; we're 3 days late.

This is the first time Trilobite has been released separately from Nautilus.

Source code is available at:


Trilobite 1.0.3 should be available from the Eazel software catalog within the next 24 hours.  It better be -- Trilobite is what makes the durn thing work.


From:   Darin Adler <darin@eazel.com>
Subject:        gnome-vfs 1.0.1 is available
Date:   08 May 2001 09:26:02 -0700
A new release of the gnome-vfs virtual file system library is available.
This new release will be required by the upcoming Nautilus 1.0.3 release,
but is also binary and source compatible with existing programs that use

Changes since gnome-vfs 1.0:

* Security fixes for pipe: method (Darin, Ian, John)
* Fix sticky bit handling (Pavel)
* Fix parent problems that messed up Nautilus handling of FTP (Pavel)
* Fix symlink handling (Darin)
* Make no-op moves quietly succeed (Darin)
* Fix progress callbacks in xfer code (Darin)
* Add support for HTTP proxies that require authentication (Mike)
* Make translate method more flexible (Maciej)
* Remove obsolete code (Darin)

* Add support for user-specific modules (Jonathan)
* Add CDDA module (Gene)

* Fix jbuilder MIME database entry for Java files (Seth)
* Fix Python script MIME database entry to say "can be executable" (John)
* Update GIMP MIME database entry to say it can take http URLs (Darin)
* Add magic number support for recognizing PHP files (Seth)

Source code is available at:


The gnome-vfs 1.0.1 package will also be available from the Eazel software
catalog <http://services.eazel.com/catalog> within 24 hours.

    -- Darin