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LinuxPlanet: gnotebook: Falling Down on the Job, Climbing Out of Post-Ximian Depression

May 11, 2001, 17:58 (7 Talkback[s])
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The twin-headed dragon of Post-Ximian-Release blues and a weekend of Mundie bashing had Michael Hall in the doldrums until he sat up and took inventory. In his most brazen attempt to keep things positive yet, he presents a list of some Good Things that happened during the Mardi Gras of Malice that was Mundie Madness.

"By Friday afternoon, I swam in a sea of Microsoft. If you get it in your head to search for 'Mundie' on LinuxToday, you get 31 results, only two of which predate what I'm going to start calling "Mundie Thursday," which, not unlike a similar-sounding religious day, often involves the use of whistles and noisemakers to call the faithful to service, since the more staid bells are silenced during that period.

Since I'm leaving myself open to all sorts of abuse for having my cake (by indulging in Mundie Madness by posting the stuff) and eating it too (by sniffing at the out-and-out Mardis Gras of Microsoft bashing it provoked), I'll just grant the point and admit to anyone who hasn't figured it out yet that I can be a very weak man. For what it's worth, having spent a week of processing reactions to and pretty much living with Mr. Mundie, readers may take comfort in knowing that I flinch when I hear his name.

I'll also point to Brian Proffitt's column from earlier this week as saying about all I could ever want to on the matter.

The side effect of coping with Craig was a level of near-total misery where everything else was concerned. Sure, I had Ximian GNOME to play with on a couple of machines and I was making peace with Mozilla after a nightly build had lost the ability to do POST operations on a few web pages, but there was something missing: a sense that the fun was slowly going out of playing around with my computer when I wasn't working, and that whatever came down the pike wouldn't be particularly interesting or worthwhile. It was post Ximian release depression, coupled with chronic Craig fatigue syndrome."

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