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Opera 5.0 for Linux Is Out

May 15, 2001, 12:10 (19 Talkback[s])


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We got an e-mail from Opera this morning announcing the release of Opera 5.0 for Linux:

Dear Linux Users,

Opera Software welcomes you to our best Linux Internet experience to date!

Today, Opera releases its famous Opera 5 browser for Linux. If you are longing for a faster, more efficient and simply better Internet experience, without having to pay, Opera 5.0 is the answer. Opera, long known as the browser for more savvy Internet users now enters the free Linux browser market with the its new sponsor-supported version.

You are now able to enjoy all its features, its speed and its small size (it's a 2.6 MB dowload), for free! In order to be as universal as possible, the Opera Linux browser has been tested on 9 different distributions : Corel 1.0, Caldera 2.2, Debian Potato 2.2, Mandrake (6.0, 7.1 and 7.2), NetBSD 1.5_BETA/i386, RedHat (6.1, 6.2 and 7.0), Slackware 7, SuSE 7.0 and YellowDog 2.2.

Sail across the web with this super-speedy, flexible, and efficient browser! Opera is a fast, small, secure, configurable, and standards compliant Internet/intranet browser . Opera gives you the freedom to run multiple windows without opening up other instances and many more features that make it the best choice for the serious web enthusiasts.

Opera continues its commitment to the standards as laid out by the W3C. That's why Opera 5.0 incorporates new functions such as better support for HTML coding. It is a recommended for improved surfing:

  • Improved scripting for Javascript and ECMAScript
  • Improved support for HTML event handlers
  • Changes to comply with HTML
  • Support for CSS system colors leading to better color handling
  • Improved news and e-mail handling and better and more configurable email/news message interface.
  • Improvements in SSL handling of certificates
  • Improvements in FTP

System administrators' can enjoy as well our browser : with Opera you can choose to disable some of the user preferences and override user choices. Used with care this system is useful for hiding items from the users; including proxy servers and network choices.

Opera is flexible : choose whether to show menus, buttons, scrollbars, progress information, etc... If users don't need it, why show it? If users don't like the UI gadgetry, they can turn it off. If they don't like cookies or referrer logging, frames or multimedia, or if it's just Javascript, one click turns them off. If they'd like to customize the look and feel of your tool bar, no problem at all. Customization pure, so that you can see the Internet the way THE USER wants and not the way the designer envisaged.

Go to http://opera.com/download/linux.html and dowload it now! Enjoy the first complete Opera for Linux version! Do not hesitate to put Opera for Linux banners on your website! Promote Opera with us!

Do not hesitate on promoting Opera for Linux adding a banner on your website. See you at www.opera.com