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GNOME Summary for May06 - May 12, 2001

May 15, 2001, 13:30 (27 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Christian Schaller)
This is the GNOME Summary for May06 - May 12, 2001.

Table of Contents

1) Natilus 1.0.3 released
2) Miguel offers free Soup.
3) Galeon breaks all speed limits
4) Mozilla 0.9 status update.
5) Eazel closing their doors
6) TerraForm goes GNOME
7) MathML for all GNOME applications.
8) Gnotices is now upgraded
9) GNOME Accessibility Project reports
10) New unified address for GNOME Summary submission.
11) Gabber, one chat to rule them all
12) Project(s) of the Week
13) Hacking Activity
14) New and Updated Software


1) Natilus 1.0.3 released

The big thing this week was of course the much anticipated 1.0.3 release of Nautilus. The
release added a lot of highly requested features and speed improvements. And of course the
much discussed cut'n paste support was added. The release also brought the very cool News
sidebar created by Andy Hertzfeld himself. The Nautilus 1.0.3 release notes:


2) Miguel offers free Soup.

Our fearless leader Miguel de Icaza announced that Soup has been put into GNOME cvs. Soup
is a SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) implementation in C. The runtime is licensed
under the LGPL, the compiler is under the GPL. This is the work of Alex "Bad Trance"
Graveley and Dick Porter. The full announcement available at:


3) Galeon breaks all speed limits

The Galeon browser has just had its 0.10.6 release. Don't let the small version number
fool you cause this is a big release. It is the first release to utilize the new Mozilla
0.9 release, and if you think that release made Mozilla you haven't tried Galeon. With the
speed improvements this combo gives there is no doubt, Galeon is now the undisputed Linux
browser speed king.  Only thing to note is that you need a patch for Mozilla for Galeon to
work properly. If you use the RPMS provided from mozilla.org you don't need the patch
cause Christopher Blizzard have already put the fix into them. The patch is found here:


Galeon is available from the Galeon homepage


4) Mozilla 0.9 status update.

Mozillazine has posted a great article outlining all the major issues the Mozilla
developers have been and are working on, like imglib2 and the cache improvements. The new
fast imglib2 library is signed by Stuart Parmenter who is not only known for his great
work on Mozilla, but also for his work on the Balsa mail client for GNOME. Also worth
mentioning is that we now have yet another GNOME agent infiltrating Mozilla. Arik Devens
who many of you will know worked at Ximian last summer is currently working for Netscape
hacking Mozilla (we are all waiting for the Bonobo port announcement Arik :) The
Mozillazine status report can be found here:


5) Eazel closing their doors

While an official statement hasn't yet been issued by Eazel yet. I am sad to report that
everything points towards Eazel shutting down. An official statement will be available
later this week. Eazel or no Eazel, most of the Nautilus hackers is here for the long run
so Nautilus development continues ahead at full steam. More information on this in the
next Summary.


6) TerraForm goes GNOME

The 0.8.0 release of the premier LInux terrain generation application, Terraform, is
available.New in this relase is Terraform now being a GNOME application, a faster 3D
rendering engine, new *.terraform file format, tree undo, online documentation available
from the help menu, improved contour line code, and many bugs getting fixed.


7) MathML for all GNOME applications.

Luca Padovani uploaded the sourcecode to his GtkMathView library into GNOME CVS this
week. It is a MathML rendering engine for use in Gtk+ and GNOME apps. And if that isn't
enough Miguel de Icaza even said that he think it has really nice source code, which isn't
something he says often about C++ code :), so be sure to check it out at:


8) Gnotices is now upgraded

Elliot Lee has announced that Gnotices now has been upgraded to new versions of Zope and
Squishdot. Hopefully Gnotices will run smoother from here on. And for the gamblers out
there, Elliot is taking uptime bets :). Gnotices is as always found at:


9) GNOME Accessibility Project reports

Bill Haneman that the GNOME Accessibility Project moves forward with the new gail library
now in GNOME CVS. GAIL is the Gnome Accessibility Implementation Library and is as the
name suggests an implementation of the accesesibility interfaces defined by ATK. Also, an
initial draft of IDL for a Gnome Accessibility Service Provider Interface was posted to
gnome-accessibility-list for public comment and review here:


General information on the accessibility project can be found here:


10) New unified address for GNOME Summary submission.

Wanted to submit a story to the GNOME Summary, but don't know how? Well whenever you have
some nice news for the GNOME summaries you can reach both me and Steve George with this
simple mail adress: gnome-summary@gnome.org.

11) Gabber, one chat to rule them all

Julian Missig and the Gabber crew released a new version of Gabber: the GNOME Jabber
Client this week. If you haven't tried Jabber, it is an open instant messaging system
which allows you to chat with people different systems, such as ICQ, AIM, Yahoo!, and
MSN. This was a bugfix & usability release, so Gabber should now run smoother than
ever. You can find Gabber at:


12) Project(s) of the Week

Darin Adler is requesting help writing documentation for GNOME-vfs. This should be great
project for someone wishing to get to know the GNOME infrastructure better and at the same
time to something of really great value to the GNOME community. Here is Darin's email:


We also have a POW for a webmaster this week. Frédéric Toussaint one of the
premier graphics artists in the GNOME community is requesting help in creating a website
dedicated to graphics in GNOME. The site is meant to be a place of contact for graphics
artists wanting to help out with GNOME. To goal is to help with creating everything from
logos, splash-screens and clip-art for GNOME. For instance Frédéric has
already made some clip-art which he has available here:


and he also have made a gallery of some the graphics he already has made for GNOME here:


If you are interested contact Frédéric at fred(at)linuxgraphic.org

13) Hacking Activity

Thanks to Paul Warren for making this.

Most active modules
93 evolution
67 ximian-setup-tools
58 gnumeric
50 galeon
32 gimp
26 gnome-i18n
23 nautilus
23 gtkmm-root
22 libgnomeui
22 gtkhtml
20 gtk+
18 gnome-db
15 glib
15 guppi3
15 dia
14 libgda
14 gal
13 gnome-core
13 gdm2

[87 active modules omitted]

Most active developers
54 martin
34 rodrigo
25 rasta
25 chema
23 kabalak
22 darin
22 michael
22 trow
22 fejj
22 jody
21 veillard
20 murrayc
20 jirka
19 mitch
19 menesis
16 menthos
16 hansp
15 jpr
14 toshok
14 danw

[111 active developers omitted]

NB These statistics are largely meaningless - they count CVS commits,
which are only a very rough indicator of actual progress of a project.

14) New and Updated Software

Software altered this week:

Terraform fractal terrain generator and transformator.
B-Chat Yahoo! Chat client.
Statistica program of bet games
Pan Usenet newsreader for GTK and GNOME
GtkMathView is a GTK widget for rendering MathML documents.
ximian-setup-tools for unfied system configuration for UNIX.
Cronos II Filters is a plugin for Cronos II for filerting support.
gphoton Simple 3d modeller with integrated ray tracer.
gtktalog is made to easily browse a CDROM database.
Gmonsters A little monster breeding game for Gnome.
Pygmy is a GNOME mail client written in Python
vlc (VideoLAN Client) is a DVD and MPEG player for Gnome or Gtk+.
gnochive is a gnome front-end for all common archivers under linux.
gThumb Image viewer and browser.
MrProject is a project management program.
Gnome CD Master All you need to copy, create or edit Audio CDs.
Flink Mailchecking applet A simple mailchecker for the GNOME panel.
Jewels Gnome version of Jewels with multiplayer deadmatch mode.
Nautilus The GNOME file manager, desktop, and graphical shell.
gbonds a savings bond inventory program
SPlotter-3D Plotting all 2D and 3D functions had never been so easy.
Graftor is for designing automated systems.
GNOME Basic to provide VB compatible functionality for the GNOME project.
gnommind Master mind game.
IceWM is a X11 window manager coded from scratch in C++ for performance and size.
quickedit is simple and fast sound editor for Gnome, it can edit WAV and MP3 files.
gmmusic a Gnomified database frontend for PostgreSQL to handle your complete music collection.

See the software map on www.gnome.org (or Freshmeat)
for more information about any of these packages.


Best Wishes,