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LinuxProgramming: Intel: C++ Compilers for Linux Beta field test starting

May 15, 2001, 22:02 (5 Talkback[s])
...The field test includes an IA-32 compiler and a cross compiler that runs on an IA-32 processor to build Itanium-based applications. The supported operating systems are Red Hat 6.2 for the IA-32 architecture and Turbolinux for the Itanium architecture, currently available in beta release. We are interested in feedback on other Linux distributions as we are investigating support for additional distributions for future releases of our products.

The compilers have substantial compatibility with the GNU gcc compiler although this initial product release will not be fully compatible. Not all of the GNU C language extensions are supported and due to this, the Linux kernel cannot be built with the Intel compilers for Linux. Also, this release does not support the GNU inline assembly format. C language objects files are compatible with object files or libraries compiled with gcc and we use the GNU glibc C language library. For C++, the Itanium processor compiler supports the C++ ABI for the Itanium architecture which when fully implemented by all compiler vendors will allow C++ objects files and libraries to be compatible with different compilers. We do not use the GNU C++ libraries and C++ object files are not compatible with the g++ compiler. Some of the common gcc command line options are supported although not all are currently supported. We are very interested feedback on all aspects of compatibility with the gcc compiler.

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