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Linux 2.4.6-pre2 Is Out

Jun 10, 2001, 05:23 (8 Talkback[s])

Linux 2.4.6-pre2 came out Friday afternoon. Our contributor noted the presence of bluetooth support and a fix to the swap cache.

kernel.org mirror list

 - Takanori Kawano: brlock indexing bugfix
 - Ingo Molnar, Jeff Garzik: softirq updates and fixes
 - Al Viro: rampage of superblock cleanups.
 - Jean Tourrilhes: Orinoco driver update v6, IrNET update
 - Trond Myklebust: NFS brown-paper-bag thing
 - Tim Waugh: parport update
 - David Miller: networking and sparc updates
 - Jes Sorensen: m68k update.
 - Ben Fennema: UDF update
 - Geert Uytterhoeven: fbdev logo updates
 - Willem Riede: osst driver updates
 - Paul Mackerras: PPC update
 - Marcelo Tosatti: unlazy swap cache
 - Mikulas Patocka: hpfs update
 - Andreas Dilger: make ext2fs react more gracefully to inode disk
 - Andrea Arkangeli: fix up alpha compile issues
 - Ingo Molnar: io-apic MP table parsing update and softirq latency
 - Johannes Erdfelt: USB updates
 - Richard Henderson: alpha rawhide irq handling fixes
 - Marcelo, Andrea, Rik: more VM issues
 - Al Viro: fix various ext2 directory handling checks by biting the
   bullet and using the page cache.