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dot.kde.org: Focus on Infusion (a new challenger to Outlook/Exchange?)

Jun 15, 2001, 22:28 (13 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Navindra Umanee)

Here's a brief review of Infusion and an accompanying interview with its developer. A front end to Citadel/UX, Infusion offers (or will offer) a lot of functionality including local/Internet mail, calendaring (as provided by the KParts API) and some additional functionality mentioned in the article. It's an interesting project with enough potential that the author wonders whether Aethera and Evolution couldn't learn a few plays from its book.

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"...Citadel/UX is pretty impressive, including such things as SMTP and POP servers in the package. Citadel can send mail between local users, send and receive internet mail, and make mail available to internet users. This brilliant arrangement means that, as far as mail is concerned, any diehard Mutt user such as myself can happily coexist on a Citadel/UX network with Infusion users. Brian had a good idea when he chose to base Infusion on Citadel/UX. One might even ask why other Open Source projects such as Aethera and Evolution don't consider improving and sharing this capable backend.

I was able to test basic Infusion functionality with 2 test users. I could mail back and forth, I could send mail to an internet account, I could receive internet mail, and I could view shared areas. Infusion also has chat capabilities and token organizer/notes functionality which I did not fully investigate. Infusion is evidently here both in concept and proof-of-concept, including the expected bugs. The colourful interface will surely evolve to please many in the future."

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