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Community: Linux/VAX gets shell prompt

Jun 16, 2001, 16:59 (10 Talkback[s])

Andy Phillips writes:

The linux-vax porting team is happy to announce that the Linux kernel now boots to a shell prompt, on the DEC VAX architecture (Digital Equipment Corporation, now owned by Compaq). The kernel boots successfully on a MicroVAX 3100 model 38, with more models close to booting.

The kernel can perform basic functions (cat /proc/cpuinfo), but is not self hosting yet, nor does it support many of the peripherals on these systems.

This is a major milestone for our project which has been running since Sept 1998, and we would like to thank everyone on the linux-vax mailing list (linux-vax@mithra.physics.montana.edu) for their help with this port.

More details can be found at http://www.linux-vax.org/

Andy Phillips, Kenn Humborg, Dave Airlie.
Linux/VAX Porting Team.