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KDE 2.2beta 1 is out -- UPDATED

Jul 03, 2001, 22:46 (39 Talkback[s])

Several readers wrote in to tell us that KDE 2.2beta 1 is now appearing on KDE FTP sites and their mirrors.

Editor's note: apparently the readers of Linux Today have the magic ability to bring servers to their knees. Please hold off on downloading this today!

Here is a list of what's new in KDE 2.2beta 1 itself; there's a longer list of all the changes in all the components.

Note: gcc 3.0 is not recommended for compilation of KDE 2.2. There are several known miscompilations of production C++ code with this compiler, like i.e. virtual inheritance which is used for example in arts. We know that you will experience a lot of runtime difficulties when you compile with gcc 3.0, so using this particular compiler version is at your own risk, and please do not report bugs to us if you use this compiler. The problems are mostly known and we're working with the gcc team to get them fixed.

  • KDE Libraries

  • Classes KTipDialog and KTipDatabase added, providing a easy-to-use "tip of the day" dialog. Tips are collected in a tipdatabase in XML format. Used by KDevelop and KOrganizer. Alternating color-changing in listviews (used in Konqueror and KFileDialog)
  • File previews in KFileDialog
  • General file preview classes for mime-type specific file preview implementation
  • Fixed support for QIconSets in QPushButtons in several widget styles.
  • Fixed support for toggle-items with icons in QPopupMenus in several widget styles.
  • Fixed several styles not displaying an arrow on QPushButtons with a popup menu assigned (QPushButton::setPopup()).
  • Improved retrieval of taskbar / window manager icons for windows that do not supply their own icons
  • KBugReport dialog now determines OS specific parameters at run time instead of build time
  • Generic host/domain based global configuration of io-slaves.
  • Applications can now override global io-slave settings.
  • New class 'KArrowButton' used for buttons which point in a certain direction.
  • KProcIO added. KProcIO extends KProcess and eases the processing of stdin/stdout of the child process. Improved application startup notification added for KHML fixes, see the Konqueror section in the KDE Base Package part of this document.
  • new print library including a KPrinter interface class built on top of the KDE print framework, and an enhanced print dialog
  • Meta key & AltGr key can now be used for shortcuts
  • Shortcuts for moving & resizing windows now use Meta key instead of Alt key (when Meta key is present)

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