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GNOME Summary for June 24 - July 8, 2001

Jul 09, 2001, 17:29 (2 Talkback[s])
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GNOME Summary - 2001-06-24 - 2001-07-08

Table of Contents

  1. New release of the popular Nautilus filemanager
  2. GNOME Games gets new maintainer and a new release
  3. GNOME Meeting unleashed on the world
  4. First non-development release of GNOME-- C++ bindings
  5. Open Office releases new development build
  6. Linux Planet review Abiword
  7. GStreamer releases 0.2.1
  8. GnuCash Developer Robert Merkel interviewed on Slashdot
  9. Overflow 0.5.0 and Open Mind Speech 0.0.2
  10. Japanese GNOME 1.4 programming book available
  11. Gnumeric getting close to 1.0 release
  12. GNOME summaries on slower summer release schedule
  13. Abiword weekly news report 50
  14. New Mozilla and Galeon releases
  15. IBM hackers hard at work updating SashXB
  16. Friends of the tree
  17. X-chat releases 1.8.0 release
  18. CVS statistics
  19. New and Updated Software

1. New release of the popular Nautilus filemanager

Darin Adler and the Nautilus team announced the release of Nautilus 1.0.4 which contains many improvements and optimisations. The nautilus companion libraries librsvg and eel also have new releases. Below you find links to the announcents for Nautilus, librsvg and Eel.




2. GNOME Games gets new maintainer and a new release

Juan Pablo Mendoza has taken over the helm of the GNOME Games module as its new maintainer. He has been hard at work fixing bugs and making improvements and has just made a new release with the version number But Juan is not stopping there. He is currently doing spring cleaning on GNOME Games and is porting all the games from imlib to gdkpixbuf. Great stuff, Juan!


3. GNOME Meeting unleashed on the world

Been looking for a video conference application for Linux? Well Damien Sandras must have heard your cry of despair since he has unleashed GNOME Meeting 0.9.1 on the world. It turned out to be a popular move with 11.000 visitors the first week. One of those was Red Hat Labs hackers Alex Larson, who quickly put togheter a set of RPMS for your pleasure. Below you find the link to the GNOME Meeting homepage and to Alex's RPMS. For you Debian fans, James Greenhalgh and Sander Smeenk have made sure GNOME meeting is now available in Sid.



4. First non-development release of GNOME-- C++ bindings

Murray Cummings announced the availability of the first stable release of GNOME--, the C++ bindings for GNOME. As you know GTK--, the corresponding GTK+ bindings, have been available in a stable release for quite some time now, but this is the first stable release of the GNOME part of the bindings. GNOME-- based projects like the incredible Jabber client, Gabber, is surely very happy about this. Of course the GTK-- and GNOME-- hackers are not resting on their laurels, work is already underway on GTK-- 1.3, which will be the bindings for GTK+ 2.0. Links below point to the full release announcement and to the GTK-- and GNOME -- homepage.



5. Open Office releases new development build

The hardworking people at Open Office released build 632 last week. Open Office is starting to shape up, this build is actually rather snappy on my Athlon 750 machine, something which wasn't true about earlier snapshots. Stability seems to have greatly improved too. Click below for the full release announcement.


6. Linux Planet review Abiword

Linux Planet gives a fairly positive review of Abiword.


7. GStreamer releases 0.2.1

The GStreamer project made a new release containing their new Glib 2.0 port. This release adds support for the free FLAC format, Quicktime (without Sorenson) and the Festival text to speech system. The AVI driver now uses the AVIFILE library for windows .dll loading. Happy news on the codec front, however. Thanks to the great work done by Gérard Lantau on his ffmpeg library, creating a msdivx compatible codec implemented in C, the next release of GStreamer will be able to support DivX without the use of .dll files. In the long run, as some endianess problems are solved in ffmpeg, this will also allow divX playback on non-i386 systems. Wim Taymans already have the plugin code checked into GStreamer CVS. The ffmpeg library also allows you to use GStreamer to create Real .rm files for playback with the Real Media client.



8. GnuCash Developer Robert Merkel interviewed on Slashdot

Slashdot did one of their community interviews with Robert Merkel, one of the Gnucash developers. Gives you some insight into their future plans for Gnucash and the technical challenges such a project has to overcome with regard to different taxation and auditing legislations. in the gnucash part The Gnucash team also released the Gnucash 1.6.1 this week.



9. Overflow 0.5.0 and Open Mind Speech 0.0.2

Seems like 2001 is going to be the year of multimedia for GNOME. With projects such as GNOME Meeting, GStreamer, GLAME and Overflow, things are really moving. Overflow is a data flow oriented development environment, very well tuned for creating multimedia systems. Open Mind Speech is a speech recognition system built with Overflow.


10. Japanese GNOME 1.4 programming book available

There is a very active GNOME community in Japan, and some of them have just released a book on hacking with the GNOME 1.4 platform. Hopefully this will make it much easier for Japanese developers to rapidly learn to take advantage of the power of the GNOME platform. Thanks to the authors for their great work.


11. Gnumeric getting close to 1.0 release

The Gnumeric team made a new release of Gnumeric not long ago, the first with Bonobo enabled by default. With this important threshold passed, they are now gearing up for Gnumeric 1.0. The two missing pieces they have decided are needed before declaring 1.0 ready are frozen panes and graphing. Both of these pieces are nearly there. Graphing will be provided by embeding Guppi through bonobo and just needs some polish to work smoothly. Code for frozen panes is also commited and just needs the final poli h too. So prepare yourself for the new world order heralded by the arival of Gnumeric 1.0.


12. GNOME summaries on slower summer release schedule

Seems the Goddess of luck has turned her blind eye to us, as it turns out that both myself and Steve George are having vacation at the same time. This has already resulted in the summary for last week not being made and it will mean no summary next week. But after that we hope to be back at full steam again.If you see someone on the deck of a sailboat in the Oslofjord in the next two weeks, seemingly in a coma, it is just me on vacation so don't worry.

13. Abiword weekly news report 50

The relentless Abiword hackers are hard at work at their 1.0 release.This status report contains news on better Unix printing and more work on the Perl bindings among lots of other stuff.


14. New Mozilla and Galeon releases

The Mozilla and Galeon teams are hard at work making sure that GNOME has the greatest browser available to mankind. The Mozilla team made their 0.9.2 release and Galeon their 0.11.1 release.



15. IBM hackers hard at work updating SashXB

Anyone following GNOME CVS have probably noticed the high activity on the Sash modulessince our friends at IBM have been hard at work improving on their SashXB framwork for some time now. Ari Heitner wrote this little article outlining what SashXB is, its history and its architecture.



16. Friends of the tree

This week's special mention goes to a person who has been a member of the GNOME community for a long time. He is the lead coordinator of the GNOME translation project, has almost single-handedly translated GNOME to Norwegian and is currently working hard on cleaning up GNOME bugzilla. As part of this bugzilla cleanup he has been applying a lot of patches to different GNOME modules, especially GNOME applets, patches which too long have lingered in bugzilla. He is also the release coordinator for the up oming GNOME 1.4.1 release. Thanks Kjartan your contributions to GNOME, they are invaluable.

17. X-chat releases 1.8.0 release

The Chat client I humbly refer to as the best, X-Chat, has made a new major release. 1.8.0 contains many new features and many bugfixes. One of the features polished which I like is the improved handling of opening URL's in browsers, which now are per default much better configured. This makes opening those links people keep putting on IRC in Galeon a true pleasure.


18. CVS statistics

Due to this summary containing two weeks of CVS activity I am sending them out as a separate mail. Link to the mail below.


19. New and Updated Software

  • gnome-games: Many games - same-gnome, gnothello, solitaire, tetravex, tetris, others
  • gramps: gramps is a GNOME/Python based genealogy program.
  • EtherApe: EtherApe is a network monitor modeled after etherman
  • Nautilus: The GNOME file manager, desktop, and graphical shell.
  • meko: GNOME client for the Say2 chat protocol
  • Gwhois: A whois client for the GNOME desktop enviroment.
  • Glimmer: A very functional all-purpose editor.
  • MrProject: A project management program
  • Overflow: Overflow is a free (GPL) "data flow oriented" development environment
  • galeon: GNOME web browser based on Gecko
  • rubrica: Addressbook application
  • gboard-edit: Tool to create boards for RoboRally
  • glame: GNU/Linux Audio Mechanics is targeted to be the GIMP for audio processing.
  • PonG: GNOME Properties is a library and a GUI tool for building configuration dialog boxes.
  • gnome-utils: Useful GNOME utilities/apps
  • GStreamer: GStreamer is a streaming media library and set of tools
  • BEAST/BSE: Framework to simulate audio synthesis and song composition
  • gxmlviewer: xml viewer with a netscape plugin
  • Gnome Toaster: CD creation suite
  • Procman: GNOME process viewer and system monitor.
  • gob: GOB is GTK+ Object Builder, a preprocessor for making GTK+ objects easily.
  • gcompris: A simple education game to teach to children use a mouse and keybord.
  • gThumb: Image viewer and browser.
  • Paleta: Personal log/diary/news program
  • David: A C, C++ code editor
  • Gnome Predict: A GUI client to John Magliacane's satellite tracking program
  • gmrun: Run-program utility, providing bash-like TAB completion and history
  • bond: Bond is a rapid application development tool
  • Flink mailapplet: A mailchecker for the GNOME panel.
  • Bakery: A C++ Framework for creating GNOME applications using Gnome- - and Gtk--.
  • resexp: This is a resource management tool
  • Pygmy: GNOME mail client written in Python
  • X-Chat: A fully featured IRC client
  • GNOME Photo Collector: A tool used to classify images and photos
  • seti_applet: An applet with the current status of any seti@home client running
  • Gnome--: A powerful C++ binding for the GNOME libraries.
  • ToutDoux: A project manager
For more information on these packages visit the GNOME Software map: http://www.gnome.org/applist/listrecent.php3

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