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SGI XFS 1.0.1 released

Jul 11, 2001, 15:45 (8 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to Joe Black for this link. ]

SGI XFS 1.0.1 for Linux

This directory contains the 1.0.1 XFS release for Linux.

For more information, see http://oss.sgi.com/projects/xfs


The 2.4.5 kernel RPMS are vanilla 2.4.5 kernels (Linus' tree) with the
same XFS bits as above.


The 2.4.3 kernel RPMS are based on Red Hat's 7.1 2.4.3 kernel version - 
only the XFS bits have been changed.  These RPMS are intended
for anyone using XFS on RH 7.1 in an environment where they 
need Red Hat's kernel improvements, and they do not wish
to jump kernel versions to get XFS improvements.


The patches provided are for linux-2.4.5.  They are now
broken into 2 patches, one for files unique to XFS,
and one that modifies existing core Linux files.

kdb patches are also provided for debugging.

See the README file in the patches/ directory for patching


Userspace commands are provided both as tarballs and
as RPMs.


The installer/ directory contains a modified Red Hat 7.1
installer that will allow you to install a Red Hat 7.1 system
on XFS.  If you already used the XFS 1.0 system installer, 
there is no need to re-install, simply upgrade your RPMs.

A new system installer was provided for a few people who,
due to bugs in the 1.0 release, were unable to use the
1.0 installer.

CHANGES since 1.0:

       Some of the ACL library's functions have been changed to comply with the 
       POSIX ACL (P1003.1e) withdrawn standard. These changes make it
       simpler for the Samba code to work with XFS. A bug was also fixed for chacl -d. 

       General code cleanup 

              unused code & gratuitous prototypes were removed 
              unused debug checking were removed 
              compiler warnings were fixed

       Irix DMAPI bug fix merged 

       Unmount of dirty filesystem speeded up 

       inode fields pared down, shrinking inode by 60-70 bytes 

       Optimizations based on kernel profiling made 

       Changes made to help with compiler independence (but egcs-2.91.66 is still preferred & tested at SGI) 

       ATIME not updated for extended attribute or ACL changes 

       Default BIOSIZE changed to 4k to fix some db-related size issues 

       "Best" AG size changed from 1GB to 4GB when the filesystem exceeds 64GB 

       Pick up mount options parsed by the VFS layer (noatime, readonly) 

       LVM snapshotting capability added 

       vnode tracing and xfs debug removed from config options 

       Various memory handling improvements made 

       NFS behavior improved 

       Filesystem initialization messages removed 

       Various changes andn enhancements made to xfs test scripts 

       -L option added to mkfs.xfs to support filesystem labels

       Documentation updates added 

       userspace man tools moved to /usr/share/man for most systems 

       Looping bug in repquota under some glibc variants fixed 

       xfsdump/restore fixes for remote tapes

       fixes for nfs server support including panics in during mixed local
       and remote access

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