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FreeDevelopers: DotGNU: .GNU to Face Down .NET

Jul 12, 2001, 15:26 (45 Talkback[s])

FreeDevelopers has released a statement of its own regarding the FSF-endorsed DotGNU: a Free Software alternative to Microsoft's .NET and official GNU project:

FreeDevelopers announced today the DotGNU project, a Free Software alternative to Microsoft's .NET. DotGNU has already been endorsed by the Free Software Foundation and accepted as a part of the GNU project.

The DotGNU Project has been started by Free Software developers who are very concerned about what would happen to e-commerce and the freedom of the internet if Microsoft is successful with their plans for a centralized authentication system. Microsoft wants everyone's personal information and credit card numbers to be stored in their "Passport" system, from where it can be made available to online merchants without any inconvenience to the end user. However, such convenience can be also achieved without a central database that contains everyone's personal information.

David Sugar, CTO of FreeDevelopers said "the existing passport system offers no technological advantage, and in fact, is a much poorer technology than what can actually be offered, such as in a distributed authentication and user data storage system." Sugar, who is highly respected among Free Software developers as the maintainer of Bayonne, the GNU telephony system, goes on to say that Microsoft's passport system is "ethically and morally wrong." With its passport system, Microsoft is effectively saying, "trust me - I will hold your wallet and whenever you need to buy something, I will give it back to you."

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