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Evolution Beta 1 (0.11) is out

Jul 20, 2001, 23:15 (11 Talkback[s])
Subject: Evolution 0.11 (Beta 1) is out
Date:  20 Jul 2001 17:58:25 -0400

The Ximian Evolution team is pleased to announce the availability of
the Beta 1 release of Ximian Evolution, the integrated groupware
solution for GNOME desktops.  The first of three beta milestones, the
Beta 1 preview release begins our countdown to the 1.0 release this

Now is the time for stress-testing and bug reports! To report a bug,
visit bugzilla.ximian.com or use the GNOME Bug Report tool, bug-buddy.

If you are upgrading from 0.10 or an older snapshot release you will
need to re-enter your Mail and Calendar settings.

>From now until the launch, we'll hold a series of "Bug Days."  Every
Thursday between 9 A.M. and 9 P.M. Eastern Standard Time (US),
developers and users of Evolution will gather online to find, isolate,
and destroy bugs. To participate, open your IRC client and visit the
#evobugs channel of irc.gnome.org.

When we reach 1.0, we'll award the most helpful volunteers with prizes
like Palm devices and gift certificates to online stores.

And don't forget to submit your bugs at bugzilla.ximian.com!

* Availability

  If you use Ximian GNOME, you can install this version by
subscribing to the Ximian Preview channel in Red Carpet (System -> Get

  You can also get the Evolution source tarball here:


  Evolution requires Gal (0.9.1), GtkHTML (0.10.1), Bonobo-conf (0.6),
Bonobo (1.0), OAF (0.6.5), ORBit (0.5.8), GNOME Print (0.25), GNOME
VFS (1.0).


* Changes since version 0.10


  - Drag and drop handling (Chris T.)

  - Online/Offline operation (Ettore)

  - Numerous code cleanups and bug fixes (Ettore & Jason)


  - Added ability to specify a charset in the composer and for the 
    Preview Pane.  (Jeff, Danw)

  - Auto-save messages during composition and composer 
    crash-recovery.  (Larry)

  - Better signature file handling.  (Radek)

  - File->Insert menu.  (Larry)

  - Address-completion in the composer.  (Trow)

  - Much improved PGP/GPG.  (Jeff)

  - Cut/Copy/Paste and Drag & Drop.  (Jeff)

  - Disconnected IMAP, IMAP filtering, and other IMAP improvements. (Danw)

  - Empty Trash On Exit.  (Jeff)

  - More informative Folder message counts (new/hidden/total).  (Peter)

  - Implemented "Select Thread".  (Peter)

  - Movemail fixes and improvements.  (Michael)

  - Improved/Configurable Forward/Reply functionality.  (Jeff, Trow,

  - Improved Message browser window.  (Jeff, Peter)

  - Load HTML images Sometimes/Always/Never.  (Danw)

  - rfc2184 conformance.  (Jeff)

  - Online/Offline modes.  (Ettore, Danw, Jeff)

  - HTML indexing.  (Michael)

  - Spool providers.  (Michael)

  - Many i18n fixes. (Jeff, Trow, Larry, Michael)

  - Fixed saving of html signature preferences. (Peter)

  - Cleaned up exiting by having remote stores sync folders (Peter)

  - Attached binhex files do not cause infinite loops (Peter)

  - Don't send BCC headers when sending via SMTP (Peter)

  - Let you show and hide attached message/rfc822's (Peter)

  - Implemented Create/Remove/Move Folder. (Jason, Jeff)

  - Many bug fixes all around.  (Michael, Jeff, Danw, Peter, Trow and


  - Cut/Copy/Paste (Chris T.)

  - Improvements to address completion, matching and merging (Jon, Chris

  - LDAP improvements (Chris T.)

  - Numerous bug fixing (Jon, Chris L., Chris T.)

Calendar & Tasks:

  - Timezone support (Damon)

  - Cut/Copy/Paste (Rodrigo)

  - Event/Task editor rewrite (Federico & JP)

  - Improved Printing (Damon)

  - Itip/Imip improvements (JP)


  - Fixes, bug fixes and more fixes. (Iain & Jason)


  - New graphics/icons (Jakub & Tuomas)

  - UI Improvements (Anna & Taylor)

  - 'make distcheck' should hopefully be working again (Peter)

  - Have 'make install' work for non-root users in Camel, albeit
    with a large and important warning message (Peter)

My Evolution:

  - Completely new and prettier My Evolution (nee Executive Summary) 

  - Pretty graphics (Jakub)

  - Mail, Calendar and Task summaries to tell you what you need to do
    today.  (Iain)

  - Weather forecasts so you don't need to look out the window (I
    dunno, hackers seem to dislike looking out the window or
    something...).  (Iain)

  - News feeds so you don't need to go to websites to see what news
    articles you don't want to read.  (Iain)
  - Printing, you can print it out and make it look like you've got
    lots of stuff to do when really you're just trying to pass the 
    time by playing Aisleriot or GLine all day. (Iain)


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