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Linux 2.4.7 Released

Jul 20, 2001, 22:14 (17 Talkback[s])

Linux 2.4.7 is out.

Please use a mirror: http://kernel.org/mirrors/

 - me: fix ptrace and /proc issues with new core-dump permissions
 - numerous: IDE tape driver update for completion handlers
 - Ben Collins: ieee1394 GUID cleanups
 - Jacek Stepniewski: nasty deadlock in rename()

 - Dan Quinlan: cramfs update
 - Ben Collins: IEEE 1394 update
 - David Miller: network update (pppoe, routing cache stats), sparc32 update
 - me: only dump core once per threaded app (first one wins)
 - me: use new completion handlers for block device requests (same race
   as with vfork, see -pre7)

 - Chris Mason: reiserfs update
 - Paul Mackerras: PPC updates (softirq)
 - Kai Germaschewski: ISDN updates
 - various: workaround for cpuid inline asm problem with egcs-2.91.66

 - Andreas Dilger: various ext2 cleanups
 - Richard Gooch: devfs update
 - Johannes Erdfelt: USB updates
 - Alan Cox: merges
 - David Miller: fix SMP pktsched bootup deadlock (CONFIG_NET_SCHED)
 - Roman Zippel: AFFS update
 - Anton Altaparmakov: NTFS update
 - me: fix races in vfork() (semaphores are not good completion handlers)
 - Jeff Garzik: net driver updates, sysvfs update

 - me: fix more buffer head SMP races (non-x86 only - weak memory ordering)
 - Andrea Arkangeli: some bh cleanups from the buffer race condition fix
 - Tim Waugh: parport drievr documentation, init sanity
 - Ion Badulescu: starfire net driver update
 - David Miller: sparc and networking updates
 - Ivan Kokshaysky: alpha version of the inlined rw-semaphores
 - NIIBE Yutaka: SuperH update

 - remember to bump the version string
 - Andrea Arkangeli: softirq cleanups and fixes, and everybody is happy
   again (ie I changed some details to make me happy ;)
 - Neil Brown: raid5 stall fix, nfsd filehandle sanity check fix

 - David Miller: sparc and networking updates
 - Al Viro: SysV FS add_link off-by-two bogosity.
 - Jeff Garzik: merge D-Link DL2k GigE driver, other network driver cleanups
 - Kai Germaschewski: ISDN update
 - Alan Cox: more merging (MPT fusion core)
 - Johannes Erdfelt: USB updates
 - Stas Sergeev: make sure we return out of vm86 mode when interrupts
   get re.enabled
 - Rusty Russell: netfilter fixes for ipt_unclean and ip_queue
 - me: initialize page->age when adding it to the swap cache
 - Paul Mackerras: PPC updates
 - some subtle fs/buffer.c race conditions (Andrew Morton, me)

 - merge with Alan (SCSI subsystem)
 - Jeff Garzik: make serial driver PCI hotplug-aware

 - merge with Alan (USB, zoran, sony motion-eye, rio, dmi-scan)

 - merge with Alan (irda, s390, mips64, chris, sk98lin, mips/mm)
 - rth: fix alpha RTC calibration
 - Paul Mackerras: fix PPC typo