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LinuxPlanet: Editor's Note: The Bug Days of Summer

Aug 02, 2001, 13:00 (1 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Michael Hall)
"...If you need an indication of how slow things have become, consider Adobe's brief exercise in PR self-immolation as it attempted to become the corporation best known for roughing up academicians and agonizing over whether it felt good or bad for kidnapping foreign nationals. That sort of behavior isn't prompted by an organization immersed in the process of making money... it's induced by the sort of boredom that has children contemplating anthills as they fondle a magnifying glass.

Here, we found ourselves momentarily salivating over the prospect that StarOffice 6 might be out in beta, only to have our hopes dashed. Sun says StarOffice 6 might be out in beta some day soon, and we found ourselves salivating once more as we filled out a form granting Sun the right to spam us for all eternity for the privilege of knowing when we could get at a hunk of beta software that will hopefully do more for the OpenOffice team's credibility than Netscape did for Mozilla's.

LinuxWorld is just around the corner, so things will pick up some, and we're considering a pool to guess how many "Java applets with Linux support" will be announced by obscure companies with desultory PR firms... so things are looking up.

In the quiet lull before the Press Release Armageddon that is a convention, as Code Red quietly scratches at the door and procmail recipes to eliminate SirCam are traded about, it's time to contemplate a semi-frequent tradition with the Linux Planet editor's note: we're going to extol the flamers, web-board mavens, desktop gadflies, and net.pontificators to do the right thing (if they aren't already.)

First things first: there's a good, fool-proof SirCam recipe we finally slid into place a few days ago, and it's made the last 100 or painless enough:"

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