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Evolution 0.12 (Beta 2) Is Out

Aug 03, 2001, 01:15 (7 Talkback[s])
Subject: Evolution 0.12 (Beta 2) is out!
From: Ettore Perazzoli <ettore@ximian.com>
Date: 02 Aug 2001 18:24:36 -0400

Ximian is proud to announce the availability of the Beta 2 release of
Ximian Evolution, the integrated personal information management
solution for GNU/Linux and Unix desktops.  This is the second of four 
milestones on the road to the 1.0 release this fall.

  Now is the time for Evolution to be stress-tested and bug reports to
be submitted.  Remember that prizes will be awarded to those reporting
the nastiest, the thorniest, and the most total bugs.  To report a
bug, visit bugzilla.ximian.com or use the GNOME Bug Report tool,

  Every Thursday, between 9am. and 9pm Eastern Standard Time (US),
developers and users of Evolution gather online to find, isolate, and
destroy bugs.  To participate, open your IRC client and visit the
#evobugs channel of irc.gnome.org

* Availability

  If you use Ximian GNOME, you can install this version by subscribing
to the Ximian Preview channel in Red Carpet (System -> Get Software).

  You can also get the Evolution source code and all the related
tarballs (GtkHTML, GAL, bonobo-conf) here:


  The official web page for Evolution is:


* Changes since Beta 1 (0.11)


  - Change the name of the local storage node from "local" to "Local
    Folders".  (Jason)

  - Fixed a problem with invalid URIs crashing the shell.  (Jason)

  - Hide internal folder types (like "vtrash") from user.  (Ettore)

  - Fixed some crashes that could happen when creating folders.

  - Fixed the URIs for the installed manuals in the help menu.

  - Added a status bar to show components' tasks instead of using
    pop-up progress dialogs.  (Ettore)

  - Other miscellaneous bug and leak fixes.  (Jason, Ettore)

  - Initialize GConf properly when GtkHTML is built with GConf
    support.  (Frederic Crozat)

  - Make the shortcut bar not change the current group when renaming
    it.  (Jason)


  - Use new shell ActivityClient interface for progress reporting so
    the ongoing activities appear at the bottom of the window instead of
    using a pop-up.  (Michael)

  - "Remember this password" check box added.  (Peter, Jeff)

  - UI for timespan editor cleaned up.  (Peter)

  - UTF8 issues with PGP and mail display addressed.  (Jeff)

  - Translate some more strings.  (Jeff, Zbigniew Chyla)

  - Fix camel_session_*_timeout functions.  (Michael)

  - Fix application/pgp handling.  (Jeff)

  - Fix DnD with no messages selected.  (Jeff)

  - Respect the GTK+ theme when generating the header in the mail
    display.  (Jeff)

  - Make the default date column smaller.  (Peter)

  - Don't display "0 hidden" messages.  (Peter)

  - 'q' now toggles the message (pre)view.  (Peter)

  - Rename the "Date" column to "Sent".  (Peter)

  - Fix saving of passwords (some passwords were being saved and
    loaded under different URI's).  (Jeff)

  - Enter now always open the message in a new window.  (Peter)

  - Gray out unsupported authentication mechanisms.  (Jeff)

  - Fix saving/loading of several preferences.  (Peter, Jason)

  - Overwrite attachment files correctly.  (Jeff)

  - Don't lose the selection when deleting the last message.  (Jason)

  - Improve guessing of which address to use when replying.  (Jeff,

  - If SSL isn't supported, indicate so.  (Peter)

  - Improve handling of NoSelect IMAP folders.  (Peter)

  - Add a browse button for local mailboxes.  (Jason)

  - VTrash handling improvements.  (Jeff, Peter)

  - Display "unsent" in outbox summary.  (Peter)

  - Only have main view folder browsers save view settings.  (Peter)

  - Fixes to POP3 cache.  (Jeff)

  - Handle variants of charset names.  (Jeff)

  - Progress reporting and optimizations for IMAP.  (Dan)

  - Progress reporting for SMTP.  (Michel)

  - Handle unencoded eight-bit headers.  (Jeff)

  - Miscellaneous improvements to Camel backend.  (Michael, Jeff)

  - Several crashes fixed.  (everyone)


  - Fixed some warnings.  (Chris T.)

  - I18n fixes.  (Zbigniew Chyla)

  - Address quoting in composer bug fixed.  (Jon)

  - Made it so that Other Contacts doesn't show up if you don't have
    LDAP compiled in.  (Jason)

  - Made it so that Other Contacts doesn't show up if you don't have
    any LDAP servers configured.  (Jos Dehaes)

  - General bug fixes.  (Chris T., Jon, Frederic Crozat, Jason,
    JP, Ettore, Chris L.)

  - Some LDAP cleanup.  (Chris T.)

  - Crash fixes.  (Jon, Dan)

  - Work on contact lists.  (Chris T., Jon)

  - Made Contact Editor Save & Close button not active if nothing is
    changed.  (Chris T.)

  - Added accelerators to a few dialogs.  (Taylor Hayward)

  - Made evolution-vcard-importer.c load the file into the correct
    directory.  (Iain)

Calendar & Tasks:

  - Show icons for categories.  (Rodrigo)

  - Multiple selections for cut/copy/paste in task list.  (Rodrigo)

  - Added missing underlined shortcuts for dialogs.  (Taylor)

  - Many timezone-related fixes.  (Damon, Federico)

  - Alarm notification dialogs.  (Federico)

  - iTIP and iMIP ongoing work.  (JP)

  - Consistency & cosmetic fixes for dialogs and menus.  (Damon,

  - You can now create new calendar/tasks folders in the shell.

  - Printing fixes.  (Damon)

  - Added a search bar for tasks folders.  (Federico)

  - The task pad in the day view is now filtered as well.  (Federico)

  - Timezone support for conduits.  (JP)

  - General bug fixes.  (Federico, JP, Damon, Rodrigo)

My Evolution:

  - Removed the wipe trackers option.  (Iain)

  - Fix broken links in the Calendar.  (Iain)

  - Added some more German cities.   (Iain)

  - Fixed the New Feed button.  (Iain)

  - Fixed the KDE and Newsforge urls.  (Iain and Jason)