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Gnumeric 0.69 aka 'diaper duty' Is Now Available.

Aug 13, 2001, 12:19 (6 Talkback[s])
Subject: Gnumeric 0.69
From: Jody Goldberg <jgoldberg@home.com>

Gnumeric 0.69 aka 'diaper duty' is now available.

This is primarily a bug fix release. Although few new features have been added, including a Psion importer. Several of the core features added in recent releases have been completed. Frozen panes and outline mode are now fully functional, with full XL import/export. Andreas has been very helpful in reviewing some of the statistical code. Most of the remaining elements in this release are characterisable as behaviour polishing. It should be very stable as we run up to 1.0. As mentioned the feature freeze date of July has obviously slipped and is now targeted at August. Work on graphs starting with XL import is progressing and should be in the next release.

* New features

    * Add import support for Psion.                                     (Frodo Looijaard)
    * More work on group/ungroup.                                       (Almer)
    * XL export for panes.                                              (Jody)
    * Undo/Redo/Configuration for SheetObjects                          (Lutz Müller)
    * Add extra cut/copy/paste shortcut keys.                           (Almer)
    * Rewrite descriptive statistics, correlation and covariance        (Andreas)
      analysis improving error checks and labels for data sets.
    * Add precedence scheme for importers.                              (Zbigniew)

* Bug fixes, Polishing & Optimisations

    * Some auto-scroll bugs with panes.                                 (Jody)
    * Remove duplicate calculation code in analysis tools.              (Andreas)
    * Cursor support for panes.                                         (Jody)
    * Simplify background/pattern preview in cell-format dialog.        (Almer)
    * Improve INDIRECT.                                                 (Jody)
    * Fix sampling tool.                                                (Andreas)
    * Polish the appearance of cursors                                  (Jody, Morten)
    * Make sure entered text never gets lost.                           (Almer)
    * More smarts for auto-fill by month/year.                          (Jody)
    * Improve the function selector.                                    (Almer)
    * Add some new icons from the Evolution team.                       (Jody)
    * Clean up LARGE, SMALL, QUARTILE, PERCENTILE.                      (Morten)
    * Fix import of files generated by perl::writeExcel.                (Jody)
    * Fix MODE.                                                         (Morten)
    * Fix animated cursors and sheet objects.                           (Jody)
    * Give the range functions a home of their own.                     (Morten)
    * Fix XL import of print scaling.                                   (Jody)
    * i18n fixes.                                                       (Zbigniew)
    * Locales with conflicting LC_NUMERIC & LC_MONETARY.                (Jody)
    * Equalise the look of all the dialogs.                             (Almer)
    * merge in several contributions to improve configure.in            (Jody)
    * merge in updated debian control files.                            (Jody)
    * merge in contributed man page.                                    (Jody)

* Translations

        * Updated: nl (Tino Meinen), es (German Poo Caamaño),
        da (Ole Laursen), pl (Zbigniew Chyla), ru (Valek Filippov)
        zh_CN.GB2312 (Donald Park) no (Kjartan Maraas),
        ja (Yukihiro Nakai), sk (Stanislav Visnovsky)
        nn (Roy-Magne Mo), pt_BR (Gustavo Maciel Dias Vieira)
        ca (Pablo Saratxaga)

* Availability


NOTE : Please do not submit bug reports for the graphing as yet.  It is under
        active development and is not ready for production use.