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Aug 15, 2001, 13:00 (69 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Dennis E. Powell)
"There is, actually, a common thread in all of this (well, except for the tornado part, but hey -- how often do you get to survive a tornado? Damn straight I'm going to talk about it): Linux is ready. More than ready.

Microsoft Corporation is fixing to release a new version of Windows, called Windows XP. It builds upon and extends Microsoft Corporation's tradition of deciding what's good for you. This includes occasional communication with the mother ship in Redmond, Washington. Anyone with a brain equal to or greater than the size of a pea recognizes the potential for abuse this entails, and anyone who has been paying the slightest bit of attention has no doubt that Microsoft Corporation will capitalize on it. They are very bad guys.

This fact, along with the .NET crap, will not go unnoticed. People will be looking for alternatives. (Well, the sheeplike dimwits won't, but sheep are meant to be fleeced, no?) (And until AbiWord admits "dimwits" into its dictionary, it KWord will remain my Linux word processor of choice. Then again, AbiWord thinks "AbiWord" is a misspelling.)"

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