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MLUG: Linux and the Laughing Shepherd

Aug 17, 2001, 01:27 (8 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to Alan Truesdale for this link. ]

"Linux advocates have an advantage - logic and reason are on our side. We can dispel the myths, deflect the fud and rattle off the many reasons why our favourite OS is the best choice for most situations. We have all the facts at our fingertips and can use them to reply to any question. Any question that is, until we are asked "if it's so good, why isn't everyone using it?"

This question seems to cause all to stutter and stammer without offering any acceptable answer. It's a question that also begs another - Why do so many continue to use Windows? How is it that Microsoft has been able to shepherd a generation of users and developers into their pasture? And why is it that so many people behave like sheep, unable to accept the facts? We all know that Microsoft has used tactics, many unethical, some illegal, to keep the sheep together; but even knowing this the sheep follow each other and stay in the pasture. They do so even when they know that the grass is greener almost everywhere else.

Perhaps there is an explanation, one that will at least help us to understand why the shepherd has such power. But first we must consider an example of sheepish behaviour, one that will show clearly why the shepherd is laughing. The case that follows is just an overview for the purposes of brevity; but if you want all the appalling details, you can find them here."

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