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LinuxPower.org: Adding a new dimension to the desktop with 3Dwm

Aug 21, 2001, 20:38 (7 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Christian F.K. Schaller)
"The first ideas about what would later become 3Dwm were sparked during the summer of 1999, when me and Rob (Robert Karlsson, the other founder of the project) were shopping around for a second project to do for our summer's work at Chalmers Medialab. We were already engaged in another project, but someone had voiced the request to be able to run Netscape inside the Chalmers 3D-CUBE (which is an immersive virtual reality device in the shape of a five-sided 3x3x3 m cube, and this got me the idea of building a three-dimensional window manager that would allow us to run just about *any* X11 application in virtual reality.

I introduced the idea to Rob, and he was immediately enthusiastic about it, so we started hacking away at this second project (which pretty soon started to gobble up just about *all* of our time). The rest is not really history, but let's just say that a certain huge nerd community site picked us up and ran a news item about 3Dwm on their front page giving us a tremendous amount of website hits in the process, and, more importantly, clear signals that there was a strong general interest in this sort of project and that we would probably be well off turning it into an Open Source project. A few months later, we had initiated an Open Source initiative at Chalmers Medialab (see CMOSS), and 3Dwm was turned into a free software project licensed under the LGPL.

Christian: Looking at the screenshots on 3Dwm.org I am a little confused about how 3Dwm handles existing applications. What I am able to surmise is that you have made a native VNC client for 3Dwm which enables you to run old 2d applications through that. But some of the screenshots seem to show applications such as the Gimp running directly under 3Dwm. Could you explain?"

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