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OSNews.com: Interview With the People Behind JFS, ReiserFS & XFS

Aug 29, 2001, 01:30 (2 Talkback[s])
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[ Thanks to BFS-Rocks for this link. ]

OSNews.com interviews the project leads for three of the journaling file systems available for Linux regarding the differences between each, inclusion in the Linux kernel, and how production-ready each is:

Hans Reiser: "With regards to particular unnamed distros.... :-).... Stability is not the issue, ReiserFS is known to be stable by the people who use it. SuSE is known to worry more about stability much more than the unnamed untrusting distros you mention (think of how SuSE waited for 2.4.4 before shipping 2.4 as the default, think gcc...), and we are the SuSE default.

I used to think that it was politics that was the reason why positions in discussions of ReiserFS on linux-kernel prior to our acceptance by Linus are predictable by what distro the poster works at, but more and more I am coming to see that the difference is one of style, and that what style the developer embraces is semi-predictable by distro. Different people adopt change at different rates. ReiserFS has at its heart some of the same lust for change that BeFS has. You probably don't realize how scary it is to most old time Unix filesytem developers to talk about adding new semantics to the filesystem namespace like we describe at here, or here, or like BeFS has already done. What many distros want in Linux is simply what Unix has, but free, and nothing much more.

SuSE has an exceptional head of R&D, Markus Rex, who understands the deep things before they are something real yet. They then combine this with a quality assurance team lead by Hubert Mantel, that is also exceptional in the industry. The result is that with SuSE you tend to get cutting edge technology that works. I think it is in part because they are so fanatical about quality assurance, and good at it, that they have the confidence to adopt change a bit earlier than others who get burned just changing the compiler for an unchanging language."

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