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ANNOUNCE: GNOME 1.4.1 beta 2 released

Sep 04, 2001, 19:24 (3 Talkback[s])
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Subject: ANNOUNCE: GNOME 1.4.1 beta 2 released
From: Kjartan Maraas <kmaraas@online.no>
Date: 04 Sep 2001 20:44:29 +0200

The bird is coming of age. It's long awaited flying abilities are
lurking within trembling and not fully feathered wings. It had been
maturing and growing with steady pace and it's parents feel that the day
when it will take the plunge is drawing nearer.........enough fiction -
let's get down to the real stuff:

The bird lives at:


New in this release:

Core components:


- fixes to installation / build
- make less noise in the logs


- display stack traces for all running threads in a threaded application
like nautilus or evolution


- added support for the IRCAM file format.
- added support for floating-point audio data in AIFF-C and WAVE files.
- improved support for compressed audio data in AIFF-C, WAVE, and
NeXT/Sun .snd/.au files.


- robustness fixes
- profiling and acceleration work resulting in a faster monkey
- fixes to build and portability


- security fixes
- usability improvements
- flexible servers - letting people log in to several sessions at once
- new unix socket protocol for controlling the daemon from the outside
- lots of stability / robustness work


- fix corruption of stock symbols in the stock ticker
- bugfixes in mini-commander
- fall back to PCM if there's no master volume in the mixer
- removed non-working timezone selection in asclock


- portability fixes
- fix stuck grabs with dnd on the canvas
- fix bad memory corrupting bugs that should fix most theme related
crashes reported earlier
- i18n fixes
- memory leak fixes
- gnome-calculator can expand buttons vertically
- build fixes
- developer documentation for libart_lgpl
- fix crashes and memory problems in libart_lgpl


- fix a bug in the parser which caused problems with escaped values


- fixes to avoid multiple oafd's running
- error reporting fixes
- build fixes
- robustness improvements


- include the latest version not some ancient relic

Fifth toe (extra apps)


- WordPerfect importer
- XHTML export fixes
- lots of build fixes
- better .doc importer
- styles for win32
- lots of bugfixes


- lots of bugfixes
- i18n fixes
- context sensitive help (needs devhelp package)
- class browser and file browser added in the project manager


- too many improvements to mention all here, IMAP, ESMTP, SSL, LDIF,
LDAP are just a few hints


- lots of i18n fixes
- many other improvements to all widgets


- lots of bugfixes


- lots of bugfixes
- java console
- compatible with mozilla-0.9.3
- can save images, stylesheets, javascript
- robustness improvements
- improved protocol handling


- small improvements


- SQL backend performance improvements
- bug fixes

gnome-db-0.2.90, libgda-0.2.90, gASQL-0.2.90

- libgda is now based in Bonobo
- fixes in the MySQL provider
- improved Oracle provider
- support for viewing more objects in the database browser
- perl bindings
- export databases


- portability fixes
- general improvements and bugfixes


- lots of i18n fixes
- don't crash on empty .newsrc files
- more robustness issues fixed
- threading improvements
- new rules tool
- improved charset support when posting messages

This is by no means a complete list. All packages have had translations
updated and the same goes for many of the docs included. Please refer to
the packages' web pages, NEWS files of ChangeLog's for more detail

Give this one a real bashing and report all bugs in the right places.
The core components should all have corresponding products in
http://bugzilla.gnome.org/ - but many of these packages have their homes
elsewhere. Some in http://bugzilla.ximian.com/ some on sourceforge.net
and so on. Please don't file bugreports in the wrong bugsystem because
this creates more work for the people handling these and last but not
least it's entirely possible that your bugreport will be ignored when it
doesn't reach the right channel. All packages should have documents
explaining how to get in touch with the developers.

Thanks in advance
Kjartan Maraas