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Norwegian Statskonsult Endorses Linux/Open Source Software for the Public Sector

Sep 15, 2001, 18:00 (10 Talkback[s])

Endre Grøtnes writes:

Statskonsult (The Norwegian directorate on public management) have prepared a report on the usability of Linux in the Norwegian public sector.

The report can be found here:



The main conclusion is that Linux and other open source software are well suited in the education sector and that the government should encourage schools to take up Linux:

"Linux is a product that the public sector should support in order to promote the development of a potential alternative to Microsoft s operating systems. Linux is currently best suited for use as a server operating system.

The state should support the development of open-source software to promote alternatives to current software. New open-source software could promote the enhancement of current software and prevent the public sector from becoming too focused on one direction. Support could be offered in the form of research and development funding.

In allocating research and development funds, the state should require that the software developed be made available as open source software.

The public sector should also consider whether it could publish source code that it currently has ownership rights to as open-source software.

The state should urge schools and the education sector in general to use Linux and other open source software. This is because schoolchildren and students must acquire as much knowledge as possible about a variety of products in order to build up a solid foundation on which to be able to choose at a later date the products they believe are the most suitable."

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