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Ximianized Distribution ISO Images Released

Sep 28, 2001, 10:40 (11 Talkback[s])

For all Ximian loving users out there, a couple of guys (apparently from Mexico) have created ISO images of your favorite linux distro that replace the GNOME packages with Ximian's packages. According to their webpage they are working on Red Hat, Debian and Mandrake although only Red Hat 7.1 is available at the moment. They are looking for mirrors too.

The URL is : http://uuxii.cofradia.org/

"Unofficial Unsupported Ximianized ISO Images

I once met a guy named Javier. Javier created an ISO image of RH 7.1 and replaced the GNOME packages with the Ximian packages for his personal use. I made a copy of this images and started using them, i loved them. A friend of mine told he wanted a copy of the images and that i should make them available in case someone else needs it. I think he is right, so here they are.


  • This is a personal project, as Javier and Chema. Not a company project, not sponsored by any distribution nor Ximian.
  • This is not a Linux distribution, they are only a set of ISO images.
  • This images are unsupported, come without any waranty blah blah blah. If it breaks, you get to keep both parts.
  • Please don't ask the distributions or Ximian for help regarding any problem caused by the installtion of this images.
  • Please don't ask us for any type of support regarding this ISO images, the files are provided as such.
  • We don't want to do anything wrong here. We replaced the distribution name and icons from the CD's since we don't have permission to use their trademarks. If we are in any way violating anybody's copyright or trademark please contact us so that we can resolve it ASAP.
  • Ximian is not a distribution nor plans to be one.
  • I am not a lawyer. (nor plan to become one).
  • We are not creating any of this packages. ...."