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Mozilla 0.9.5 Released

Oct 13, 2001, 02:02 (31 Talkback[s])

Mozilla 0.9.5 is out.

From the 'What's New' section of the Release Notes:

  • The History and Mail&News applications now allow you to reorder columns with drag and drop. For instance, If you prefer to have the date listed first in your mail thread pane, drag the Date header onto the Subject header and the Date column will move to the first position.
  • Warnings in the JavaScript console now show the text of the offending line.
  • Venkman, the JavaScript Debugger is now available in complete installer builds. Remember to choose 'complete' install, instead of 'typical'. Start the debugger under the Tasks/Tools menu or from the command line with mozilla -venkman.
  • Mozilla has a new experimental Tabbed Browsing feature. Press Ctrl+T to open a new tab. (Bug 101973.)
  • People who like tabbed browsing may also like the mozilla gestures add-on, Optimoz now available at mozdev.org.
  • SOCKS proxies (both v4 and v5) can now be used with all protocols (Bug 89500) except MailNews. Using socks with MailNews is covered by bug 44995.
  • Mozilla has a new Site Navigation Bar for navigating sites that use the element (like Bugzilla buglists) Choose the menu item View | Show/Hide | Site Navigation bar | Show As Only Needed to make the toolbar show up automatically when you visit pages that use the element.
  • The View Source window now has a context menu with items for Find, Copy, and Select.

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