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OSNews.com: BlueOS Uses Linux for its Kernel

Oct 25, 2001, 22:23 (3 Talkback[s])
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"A few days ago we hosted an interview with the OpenBeOS team leader but I received a number emails asking us for more information regarding the other effort to 'save' BeOS, BlueOS. BlueOS uses Linux kernel 2.4.12 as its basis, and Xfree. For now, they are building a BeOS look-alike Interface Kit and the app_server on top of XFree, so it is not just a simple window manager, but a whole new API and environment. In future versions, the BlueOS team will completely bypass XFree and have a stand alone BeOS compatible app_server which will only use some of the XFree's system calls to be able to use its 2D/3D drivers. But let's read what the French coder Guillaume Mailard has to say about the project. Guillaume also sent us a screenshot which shows the custom BeOS-alike GUI the team have already coded the last few months, currently running under BeOS (and this is why they have shared that code with the OpenBeOS team) and it is currently ported to Linux.

1. How many people consist BlueOS? Are these people long time BeOS developers?
Guillaume Maillard: A bit of everyone really, people like Frans VanNispen are experienced and well known BeOS developers; they are all enthusiastic devs as this is their first big project; we're trying to distribute work according to everyone's skills and so far it works fine. (Scott Lindsey from Gobe joined us, but seems to be busy with his real work...) To sum up, the team is composed by 26 members, and 4 more coders will join us very soon. The core of the team is composed by people who work (like Cedric Degea and me) in the computer science domain. Others members help us for documentations and tests. (I wonder if should I put the names of the members on the web site would be a good idea.)

2. Which filesystem are you using for your custom Linux kernel? How are you going to overcome the fact that BeOS supports indexing and Live Queries which is something that even SGI's XFS (allegelly the most advance fs from the ones available for Linux) does not support? (as for Live Queries, you need both filesystem and kernel support)
Guillaume Maillard: Both node monitoring and live queries need 'special' kernel support, that's true... Today we are not dependant of a specific filesystem, but we choose ReiserFS (which is linked in our kernel). Index and queries mechanism which is an inner mechanism of BeOS, can run on top of an existing filesystem like ReiserFS, a specific "server" will manage the query mechanism. For example, attributes of a file called 'Hello' are managed in associated named Hello.rsrc. This system is transparent when you use the BeOS API. In term of performance is not slower, to search files with a specific file attributs, the "fs_server" read only the .rsrc files and keep the result in a table, etc... The kernel support is planned to be implemented on our kernel_server (which currently manages functions that cannot be directly wrapped on the Linux kernel)"

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